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The Leech: By Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

A leech is that Uncle who showed up at your doorstep without notice on a Sunday afternoon, requesting to pass the night with your folks. 5 years after, bros has packed into your house permanently and has no plans of leaving his sister’s house.
A leech is that sister-in-law who came with a single polythene bag to spend two weeks holiday at your place; and that’s how she finally became a live-in Aunt who believes that she is entitled to your husband’s money.

To everyone who says, “It is my elder brother’s money and our auntie’s house. It is our family’s money.. so it is my own too.” So much for being a relation. Entitled. lazy. money-hungry. Leech!

Imagine a home where the real owners can’t remember the last time they had private family moments, as a nuclear family. I mean just father, mom and kids. Why? Same apartment houses a crowd; 1st, 2nd, 3rd…4th, 100th cousin, brother-in-laws and sister in-laws from both sides of the family with no job description nor ambition. Including random people who came all the way from the village with their problems and baggages. They’ve all found their way to the residence of their relative solely for one reason- Financial leeching!

Note: I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be proud of a relative’s accomplishments. On the other hand, there’s no harm in extending a helping hand to relatives, but for how long would anyone remain a leech?

Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson is the Editor-In-Chief and founder of Bismark’s Cave. A native of Onuimo, Imo state. He is an Engineer and a freelance writer. When he writes, he tells it as it comes to him- raw and un diluted. Bismark loves Egusi soup and Fufu too!

Back to what I was saying- An apartment designed for a nuclear family becomes similar to a Nigerian campus hostel because it is hosting all kinds of people. There is no breathing space, no air.
And in such forced communal living situation, the owner of the house dare not set boundaries or insist on having privacy to avoid stepping on toes. It has become everybody’s house- Our brother’s house.
Uncle and Auntie are forced to bear the burden of accommodating these folks who smell money around. Of cause they can’t turn their backs on these ones to avoid being described as those heartless people who drove away their sisters and brothers.

Hey! Now the economy is imploding and times are hard, stop leeching on those people who’ve already done more than enough for you. Find some independence!
Your married elder brother houses and feeds you all very well. He is not finding it easy, yet he is not complaining to avoid your wrath and an ugly reputation in the society, but his wife started realising that cash was running out, she went into panic mode and became really frugal. She begins to give signals that you’ve all over stayed your welcome.
So you cry back to your kins men bearing contrived stories about how your brother’s wicked witch of a wife doesn’t feed you and pursued you away. Such a LEECH who doesn’t care about how money is made;
one who thinks that there is a tree planted in your elder brother’s apartment that bears Naira notes. Did you come into this world to make yourself a liability and someone else’s burden because unfortunately they’re related to you by blood or you and them are basically acquaintances?

Written by someone who knows and is fed up!


8 thoughts on “The Leech: By Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

  1. Lmao. Uncle Bismark, ndo. I am sorry that it haff pain u well well…
    But truth be told, some people are leeches: well-clothed, fine-faced, able-bodied leeches who specialize in ‘financial leeching.’
    A good post though, enjoyed reading. And laughing.


  2. How to handle a leech.. Give them no key to your door. And go visit someone one for a few days. After the second day ask to borrow money rather you need it or not. When refrigerator and food gets empty don’t restock…

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  3. hahaha. seriously, these leaches are everywhere and the come in disguise a times. you might not notice you have a leach until you realize you’re just loosing money somehow. they don’t necessarily need to live with you.


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