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Celebrating One Year of Blogging Experience

*Victor, abeg cue the music!*

One year don waka…
we still dey carry go…

(Music plays in the background)

In every corner, there’s a story. You can tell a story about anything that you want and have fun with it. This is what Bismark’s Cave is basically all about. It’s not just the regular gossip circuit; we share random stories, some occasional silliness, we discuss real issues, health, sports, jokes, life…everything.
For me, It’s been a blissful journey.

I still remember some years back when I nursed the idea of putting my ‘hobby’ (getting creative) on a professional platform. The constant pressure from a few friends, followers and well-wishers to start up a
blog, reinforced this idea.
Prior to this year, it used to be just a social media affair.. So, this long-held idea was realised with my friend and partner (Victor Ede) on 13-10-2015. We kicked off activities on Bismark’s Cave with the naughty and humorous article titled “No Bra Day”- aimed at promoting breast cancer awareness and to help raise money for research. To be sincere; I was nervous and shaky that very day.

The fear of under-performing gripped me.. I didn’t know how my first article will be received by my first readers, worse still, I was unsure of my target audience. Fortunately, the feedback I got was quite encouraging.
Since then it’s been a rewarding experience. Over 12,000 views and counting. By my assessment, I think the stats is fair enough for a rookie blogger. Lol

It’s been a bumpy ride I tell ya. Preparing time-bounded columns slated for specific days can pose as a daunting task. Sleepless nights, the calls… Throw in problems like poor network, cost of data and PHCN wahala. All these got me contemplating on whether to end this small venture. Oh yes! Some days I’m at my lowest…
My publisher, Victor would also complain and cry when things get really rough, yet he never stopped bringing his A- game to the job. *Thumbs up man*

We also faced the challenge of delivering contents suitable for our desired audience while juggling blogging with our careers.
In all of these, I draw my strength from our interaction, your love and support.

They are so many, I’ll mention a few most memorable moments-
Top on the list is the success of my fictional works ‘The life of a Lagos Whore’ and ‘Campus Affair’. Both stories are still getting massive positive reviews!
The Interview with the extraordinaire Nollywood makeup and prosthetic artist and African Movie Academy Awards nominee (Hakeem Effect). That interview was huge; in fact the number of views on the blog sky- rocketed!
One of the best stars we interviewed was Ugovinna; talented rising star and headies awards nominated artiste.
Featuring extraordinary talents like Oscar Ukonu (the artist) also comes to mind.
I’ll also like to include my beautiful and handsome Faces Of The Week features.

Our Very 1st FOC

Big thanks to our former/present contributors. Engineer Michael Onyegide took us into the world of sports for a season. Doctor Ejike Udeze gave us an insight into health and wellness.
I’m also appreciating my content creators and guest writers; Tarkaa Moses the pen god, Maduabuchi Innocent, Michael Okoye, Akhigbe Samson- the Nigerian wedding crasher who never fails to amuse us with his wedding experiences. I’ve got much love for our bad-ass writer Ebuka Umerah, the sassy Onyinye Ndupu, and the ever controversial Sylvanus Omoniyi…so many others too!

Thanks to our regular commenters and loyal supporters-
Okechukwu Adum, Johnmark Onyeka, Debbie Roy, Saviour Williams, Esther Abbey, Emmanuella Christian, Vanessa Amaka, Pablo, Uzoamaka Cherry, Chukwuebuka Frank, Charity Abason, Onyi Amaka, Mike Ike, Leo Ikoju, Precious Okoro, Augustina Enechile, Grace Ayabimeh, Adunola Theresa (mama tee), Henry Sydney, Tarkaa Moses, etc.
Thanks to everyone who subscribed to my newsletter, and receive messages whenever I publish something new.

We’ve been doing free adverts you know… Now it’s up to you to support our ministry till we get to the permanent site…lol

Three hearty cheers to Bismark’s Cave!

Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson- Brainchild of Bismark’s Cave
Victor Ede- Publisher


3 thoughts on “Celebrating One Year of Blogging Experience

  1. Wow. You’ve successfully drawn tears from my eyes. Nothing big starts easily. Am inspired. one year experience on this job and still counting. God is your strength bro. Big thumbs-up to Victor. Indeed, Iron sharpens iron.


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