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Respecting People’s Choices: by Onyinye Ndupu

Why do you get angry when people’s dream and ambition looks nothing like yours?
You want to own a car, build a duplex, get a steady means of income, get married and have 3kids before you are 30. Someone else wants to travel around the world, live in a small house beside the beach, eat 200 different dishes, learn to speak new languages, and probably fall in love. And you think you are more serious?

A guy I know bought a car. While I was congratulating him, others where tugging him and asking him why he did not buy a land? They all turned into business advisers and I couldn’t stop shaking my head. The car is what he wants, so why do you think your ‘land’ suggestion is better? Its every mallam with his kettle. This is the 21st century.

Your dream is superior to none. Everybody’s ambition is important as long as it makes them happy. Don’t try to convince or discourage anybody. Just work towards yours.
While owning a range rover is very important to you, don’t look down on someone whose priority is owning an original butterfly sewing machine.

Onyinye Ndupu

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