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A Journey That Would’ve Been My Last

I’m trying hard not to go into rant mode, but i can’t hold back anymore. Best believe that the average Nigerian public vehicle driver is a punk ass! In as much as your life is in the hands of which ever deity you serve; after you’ve paid your fare and taken a seat in those death traps (Nigerian public vehicles), you may need to worry about your life again. Why?

– Four passengers on a seat meant for three butts. Everyone is crammed together like migrants on an illegal journey.
– No proper ventilation. Those windows are as stiff as hell, and I’m not talking about the heat emitted from the engine. God help you if you’re asthmatic
– The last time the tyres were changed was during the era President Obasanjo ruled Nigeria. But as long as the vehicle can still move, it is road-worthy.
– The person driving has never heard of highway code. Since he can insert the ignition key and turn the steering left and right, he is a driver.
– Who are you; a common passenger to complain or instruct him when he’s ‘flying’ on the road? What do you know about driving? Ehn?
– He cannot see the road clearly neither can he remain stable, when he is not high on certain substance.

Hours after the accident that would’ve claimed my life, O boy! I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that a sane human being could not spare a thought for the life of others. Apparently his own life is already remaining 3%…blinking red. So it is clearly of no value. But why try to waste the precious lives of other Nigerians?
Who drives a commercial vehicle with dysfunctional brakes along a major inter-state highway? Calling it a ‘risk’ would be me putting it mildly. It is someone who is on a suicide mission; a person determined to visit the grave, but would prefer to be accompanied by many!

Please take note; you should be wary of any driver who has refused to get along with anybody in his vehicle, just like the creepy elderly man behind the wheels on that fateful day. When he realised the brakes were gone and he could do nothing to bring the speeding vehicle to a halt, the vehicle forcefully hit an unlucky tricycle and it flipped over
severally; sending the poor rider flying in the air. Same crazy killer driver deliberately rammed our bus into two vehicles; they still could not bring our speeding vehicle to a stop. We had our hearts in our mouths all the while. Until he finally rammed the vehicle into a trailer.

The impact was so great; Shattered windscreen, bus squeezed like a piece of paper, everyone trapped, casualties, ambulances, siren,
God saved me people! Cos..well, i am so not ready for transition.

Note: Pictures used are not those of the accident as the writer’s phone got damaged during the accident. Pictures used shows similar accidents on Nigerian Roads.


4 thoughts on “A Journey That Would’ve Been My Last

  1. Wait… is that really the bus? GOD have mercy. Yours is still far away. We can only thank GOD for such mercies. If say you go now, who for write this one make we read? Well, that’s on the lighter mode.

    Nigerian comercial drivers have been killing lives since 2000. And that’s their greatest achievement!


    1. Not our bus bro, my phone got damaged so couldn’t take pics. But it looks similar to everything displayed in the story.


  2. Thank God for your life Bismark. I hate Nigerian roads. Perhaps this Nigerian railway should be extended to cover more routes and free up our roads.

    I also think every public vehicle driver should be compulsorily made to pass a more stringent test by FRSC and VIO before being given the key to any vehicle and handing the manifest of innocent souls in his hands


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