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Men Place Football Before Women – Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

At the risk of being stoned to death, the love men have for football is almost greater than the love for a woman. Lol Sorry ladies, but this is a real fact.

You know, the moment it’s soccer hour, your man may not care for your company or time. When you’re with him, you’re invisible while the match is on. He barely pays attention to what you’re saying and going on about, it is a DISTRACTION when Man Utd, chelsea, Leicester city and Arsenal is playing and Stanford bridge is heating up! He’s not thinking of you at that moment. What’s on his mind is Rooney, Mourinho and Ronaldo! Not you my dear. And while he is fixated on the tv, screaming, groaning, yelling and stamping his foot on the ground as his team battles it out on football field, it’s pretty obvious that within those 90 minutes he’s crazy in love with something else that’s not you – The match of the day!

There you are, seated beside him on the sofa trying to get him to listen to important issues concerning you, but he doesn’t seem to care. And then you see the spark in his eyes and the orgasmic surge of excitement running through him immediately his team scores a goal.
Now ladies, i can imagine you sighing and getting frustrated at that moment, as you try to comprehend why your man could find anything more fascinating and interesting than you, his bae. Hey, it’s football, baby!

Ok, let’s say your boo’s team loses the game, ladies you’ll definitely feel the loss too. What else could break a man’s heart like when his team gets beaten and can’t qualify for the next stage or win the cup?
Men love football like that, the love runs deep. It is like an addiction, an obsession, it is life, it is bae, it is a beautiful long term relationship that no lover can come between.

So I’m afraid ladies; if a brother has to choose between you and soccer…. he may choose soccer for life. *winks*


2 thoughts on “Men Place Football Before Women – Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

  1. You totally nailed it bro.. It’s as if you wrote about me! Nothing can ever come between me and football.


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