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Social Media – The New Reality Show: by Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

These days, social media has become the place where we not only share our thoughts; it is like a gateway to our lives. It’s a platform cum tv reality show, (except there are no cameras), where we divulge every information about our lives in a bid to impress our audience and gain more followers.
But you know, you lose your worth gradually when you repeatedly share too much about yourself.

A times we don’t think certain things through before posting on Facebook. We just type out words and hit ‘send’ on impulse.
I wouldn’t absolve myself from this act; i am guilty sometimes.
Most times we put out every dark and sordid detail about our lives on internet, all in the name of being real and relatable; when we are not the kardashians.

Your pals and followers may praise you and hype you to high heavens for sharing classified information, but deep down, they will never look at you the same way. So why make your life an open book, when you’re not getting paid to entertain anyone on social media? Maybe the reason why people who know you respect you is because certain aspects of you is a mystery, why not keep it that way?


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