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How Did You Meet Your Bae?

Love happens in strange ways.
There are no fast rules or laid down principles. It just happens; before you know it your brain activity changes!
I’ve heard love stories; crazy ones, heart melting ones, while some were simply weird, but that’s love for you.

I’ve seen people who initially didn’t find anything exciting about the ones who later turned out to be their lover. Eventually they found themselves madly in love with the same person.
Maybe yours happened in the bus..that long journey in a luxury bus from Lagos to Owerri was your lucky day. Your seat mate whom you exchanged Whatsapp contact with, turned out to be your boo!

Maybe you met him in the campus cafeteria, he paid your bills, you were feeling his swag and beard gang look and boom! It just happened.
Oh, or maybe it started in the church. You’ve been digging her for a long time each time she sings in the choir pew. So after church, you mustered enough courage and declared your intentions. One thing led to another, today brother Timothy and sister Hannah have become love birds..hehehe lol

How did you meet your bae, boo, mu mu button, heartthrob? Spill it! I’m itching to read beautiful love stories. Don’t be shy!

Couple Photos:
1. Bride- Wura Groom- Ose
2. Bride- Queencoded Groom- Kingcoded
3. Bride- Alero Groom- Kingsley


2 thoughts on “How Did You Meet Your Bae?

  1. It’s actually a funny story doh…met my bae for the first time when accompanied a friend to see her roomie,though she has already seen me in in banking hall a few weeks earlier with her roomie and tagged me a noise when she heard I was coming she went outside,an being a noise maker I went out to sit with her and tried to strike a convo with went well I even joked with her she was gonna be my wife..and we both laughed over it..few years down d line she’s about to be my wife…

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