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It bothers me that in most cases, when a baby who is presumed healthy dies in sleep in Nigeria, the baby is immediately buried without being taken to hospital for an autopsy. It’s worrying that the government is not putting strategies in place to encourage bereaved families to present for autopsy their dead children. It further bothers me that such deaths are unofficially ruled as ju ju, ogbanje caused deaths. In most cases, old women are accused of remote controlled murders.

I’m wondering why nobody is speaking to new parents about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Cot Death. This is the sudden death of an otherwise well baby in sleep. Although there are no absolute preventive measures to protect babies from SIDS, it is absolutely vital to educate new parents on the risk factors.

I despair when I see babies completely wrapped up in winter clothing in a hot country like Nigeria. Why are midwives telling new mums that warm clothes prevent pneumonia, and not bother to warn them about the link between overheating and SIDS? Are new parents told that babies expel heat from the scalp due to underdeveloped sweat pores? Do parents know that covering a baby’s head in sleep increases the risk of SIDS? What about other risk factors like bed sharing etc?

Lastly, why is the Federal Ministry of Health not acknowledging my request to educate new parents FREE OF CHARGE? Why are they not paying attention to SIDS in the first place? Anyway, I’ll do whatever it takes to educate as many new parents as I can.

Nola Solomon, the brain child of “According to An Ethnic Nurse”. A page about correlating public health with beliefs, cultural practices and science.


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