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Bleaching – The New Toning!

The desire to look extremely good and slay is normal. Every lady wants to be considered extremely attractive. I’m sure you would love to be the reason why a pedestrian fell into the gutter as you walked along the street or two cars collided because of your glitter; you would love your presence to cause ripple effects everywhere you go. It is a good feeling.

However, the routines most female undergo to look beautiful and have the ideal skin is mind boggling – Pills, chemicals, what have you…
If it is man you are looking for my sister, I’m sure that most men will flee immediately they notice that you altered your natural features. You may not be taken seriously by any sane individual because if you can inflict bodily damage on yourself; if you can do a bobrisky-ish transformation on your skin, you may be considered capable of anything!

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Today, there are so many whitening creams now disguised as safe moisturisers and skin toners that many Nigerian ladies have become so obsessed with.
The crazy thing about these skin products is that, you may not realize how ‘changed’ you look. The transformation process is deceptive.
Well, to the bleached person, their skin tone is on fleek! Some will call it “toning”, even when they are 10 shades lighter than they once were. Lol..In my Fela singing voice – ” you dey bleach o, u dey bleach…”

When you go from dark skin to ‘bobrisky-ish’ high yellow; people are not blind to the metamorphosis you’re undergoing. Nigerians may laugh at you in secret and still praise you, “ah, your cream is fire! You dey shine o…orente!” And because you want/love to be fair, you gan will be thinking you haff fine scatter; until you become Michael jackson the second.

The other day, I was looking at one lady seated beside me in a vehicle.
Those multiple varicose veins on her legs were green and visible beneath her fragile looking skin, they looked like telephone wire; due to skin thinning caused by bleach creams. It was not a good look at all.


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