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Good Girl Gone Bad: Written By Anna Fina


“I will stay a virgin till I marry”, same promise most girls make especially after listening to mum’s sermon on how dignified it is to save your virginity till your wedding night.

You were like a lion finally unleashed from its cage the moment you got an admission into the university. Mum came up with her usual sermon, you smiled, hugged her and told her not to worry; your legs would be closed till you tie the knot.

It all seemed facile till Victor came along; his hunky nature swept you off your feet and you found yourself falling for his charms.

Behind closed doors, he kissed you deeply, fondled with your perky oranges a little before you slapped him off and furiously walked away. ” I can’t lose my V-card yet”, you reminded yourself. At church, you cried and silently asked God for more self control.

You just graduated from been a fresher when you met Joseph. You really didn’t want to do it but your body was sending a different message and slowly, your cloths gave way.

In as much as you enjoyed every bit of the caressing, your conscience couldn’t stop pricking you; what happened to staying a virgin?
But then, you consoled yourself with the fact that your hymen was still in tact. All you had to do was to go for confession and do your penance.

As months gradually passed by, you kept meeting potential boyfriends and when questions like, “Can I come over?” is thrown at you, you just couldn’t resist the temptation to say “Yes”. After all, you are living alone.

Each visit came with a deep romance that required all the self control you had to prevent the key form unlocking the door. Gradually, “I can’t allow any guy touch me” changed to, “Its just romance, no sex”. You no longer felt guilty.


In the midst of your friends, you didn’t feel like an alien when they blab about their sex escapades.

But then, it didn’t quench the jealously that lits up watching them use the latest phone, changing their hair style twice a month, living in posh apartments not to forget how classy they dressed.

Every evening, different cars pick them up and drop them off early the next morning. They said its business and you wondered what kind of business that could be.

” Stop these small small boys from tapping current abeg. What do you gain from it? Just internet subscription and a plate of food in one yeye eatry”…
“Married men are better jaree; they know exactly what they want. A night with you and your bank account gets credited”, another chipped in.
You laughed; shagging another woman’s husband was the last thing you would ever do.


But friends can be such an influence after all. Jokingly, they convinced you to give it a try and a night with Mr. Femi, you went back home 200k richer. The joy was so overwhelming that it took over your guilty conscience.

Little by little, you joined the game. All you had to do was fake moans, open your legs and your account balance increases.

Now you are standing before the mirror starring at your pretty image, wondering how your morals which you held so tight slowly went down the drain.

Behind the runs girl who stood staring at you was a girl who vowed to keep her legs closed.
Who would believe you came into the institution oozing with so much innocence?

Anna Fina studied Law at the prestigious Ebonyi State University, Abakiliki. She loves to write. She can be reached on facebook via her name – Anna Fina


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