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Nigerian Parents And Their Troubles – by Michael Okoye

Some of our parents/Elders need to chill the fuck out. Seriously, which kain wahala be this? I’m sure many of you will relate with what i’m about to say.
Sometimes, our dad or mom would walk into our room..
‘ah ah, since morning you and this your phone..’
And then the reminiscing lecturing begins..

They begin to narrate sordid details of the happenings in their time – for the thousandth time. How they woke up at 5am in the blistering cold and went to the village stream to fetch water, carrying heavy pots of water. Of course the village stream is at least 5 kilometres from civilisation. When the drums are filled, they hurry to the farm for some farm-work. When they’re done, they hurry up for school without having breakfast.

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They start trekking to school, which is several kilometres from home. They waddled through seven rivers, climbed seven mountains. They, of course, fought off wild animals and battled evil spirits along the way. They reached school and received their punishment for coming late with grace.
They returned from school and then went straight to the farm. In the evening, they then manage the dregs from the food from the previous night. This is the chronicle of the average parent in Nigeria.

So… Bloody… What?!
What do you want us to do? Teleport back to the ’50s? Why are you heckling us? Na our fault sey them born us for this generation? Why the thing dey pinch you?
Seriously, you people need to chill. Relax, life is ever changing. New order would replace the old. Life would get more complex than before. Why fight it? Accept it and move on. All this whining won’t help decrease your BP.

Some of you guys are even envious of the way we raise our kids. I’m sorry but i’m going to enjoy my children every which way. I’m not going to make them feel like they are functional officers in a military encampment. Don’t stand there shaking your head telling us how we’ve ‘spoilt’ our kids. Your way isn’t always the best. Take a chill pill and accept that generations would come and go.

Michael Okoye


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