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The Akagum’ Disease – by Surv Jeff Emmanuel

Throughout my life, I’ve heard people say that: money should be nurtured. I couldn’t agree more. But then again, there is a thin line between being frugal with money and being overly stingy and close fisted. There are those who tow this divide with great finesse, and those who find themselves wobble occasionally. Worst of the bunch are those embedded with stinginess in their DNA. They just can’t bring themselves to be liberal!

Make no mistake about it, no one likes an Akagum (tight fisted person) in their lives. No one! We all appreciate a bit of generosity from time to time. I am well aware, that the Akagums think that by being so tight fisted, they save more money, but that is not necessarily true. They actually lose money and prestige by being….well, themselves. How? Stay with me.

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An Akagum rarely takes investment opportunities. They just cannot risk their beloved money. They can’t aim for the sky! This is why you see them stunted and stagnant for as long as you’ve known them. Remember that business man on your street, who drives around on a jalopy with that same trouser and shirt all year and yet never grows? That is Akagumism biting back.

They hate responsibility. Their parsimonious nature robs them slowly of their every sense of responsibility. When they are looked up to they repeatedly fail. You never see them take up any position in any dispensation they find themselves, unless it is imposed. All for the phobia of loosening their purse string. Now, where is the prestige in that?


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