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An Un-Merry Christmas – Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

Reasons why this year’s yuletide celebrations wouldn’t be one of the happiest.


A system that should be easier and convenient has become so unreliable and frustrating this period. Apart from the dysfunctional/cash less/network-abandoned transaction machines at every corner; the few working ATMs have a whole community waiting to withdraw their life savings for Christmas and new year flexing.
You see these long queues that reminds one of a polling unit and you wonder if its a crime to keep your money in the bank. Having your savings stashed in a “kolo” or buried in the soil could’ve been a better option.
You find Nigerians perspiring under the heat of the sun, waiting long hours to withdraw. The forlorn look on their faces, bitterness, hopelessness…
After being through such hell, some eventually go back to their destinations cash less & frustrated because the ATMs are either unable to dispense or some network issue popped up.
Then you step into the over-crowded Banking hall looking almost like Yaba market; you’re told that the bank can’t pay customers their monies due to insufficient cash. If you run mad at this point, it is understandable. Only in Nigeria!


The price of all essential household commodities in the market is crazy.
Rice (not plastic rice) equates with gold right now in terms of current value & cost. With so many palm oil producing states in the country; its a big shame that the price of something as basic as Palm oil has sky rocketed. Palm oil is a luxury presently!
It takes the skills of a ‘virtuous woman’ weaved from special wife material to fix a good soup with less than one thousand Naira.
So what will the poor be having on Christmas day?

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Sincere, content, God-fearing humans are a diamond in the rough in Nigeria.
Available single female folks out there are mostly scheming, money-hungry leeches. I think the days when a brother’s value wasn’t measured by his pocket size but by substance are gone.
Nowadays, money makes a man a MAN! A man’s ability to grind hard & empty his savings on a Nigerian lady is all he needs to win her heart.
Fund all her crazy expenses ranging from high priced Peruvian weaves to recharge cards & sharwama and you’re the ultimate man (maga).
I don’t know if this ugly trend has much to do with severe hunger in the land & economic recession.
And because of this, a brother gets to spend another Christmas and new year, alone & single…with just a cat and a four year old laptop providing company.

Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson is the Editor-In-Chief and founder of Bismark’s Cave. A native of Onuimo, Imo state. He is an Engineer and a freelance writer. When he writes, he tells it as it comes to him- raw and un diluted. Bismark loves Egusi soup and Fufu too!

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