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An Interview With Artist & Designer Cuebitze Soulternative

Today, I’m honoured to host an interview with one of the most talented creative artists, who is also a unique graphics designer, music maker and writer.
Cuebitze Art works are known for compelling images, bright colours and humour. You can’t help loving his imagination and ability to experiment with ideas.
Join us as Cuebitze takes us through the world of art and shares with us his journey so far.
Get inspired!
Interview host – Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

*Tell us about Cuebitze and your background.
Ans: My Dad is a superhero from Saturn, married to another superhero, my mother. She’s from Jupiter. I’m from Neptune. That’s where I was birthed before coming to earth to trade my ideas with earthlings. (Laughs)
Actually I was born and raised in Lagos state. Studied Fine and applied arts in the higher institution and ever since then I am alive. Yes, and for arts sake.

*How do you work?
Ans: I work majorly by inspiration

*Why art?
Ans: Well, because I love expression and art helps me accomplish that in good measures.

*What inspires you? A place? Sex? (Oh yes, sometimes it does)…or any ingested substance?
Ans: No to any ingested substance. Never dared it at all. My inspiration comes from my everyday experience of life. Nature, friendship, music, thinking, solitude and finally, researching what other people have already done also inspires me.

*You blow my mind each time I view your work. Your talent is undeniable. How is your work received in this part of the world? Has the feedback and patronage been encouraging?
Ans: People want value for any request they make. Value is what satisfies people, not just quantity. There is an awakening going on in this era about Appreciation of Art, and I must say it’s a beautiful way to go. Feedback and patronage has been wonderful, but I would always advice that one should often have something else to serve as a substitute for whatever major thing one is involved in.

*Which big names are your major influencers or role models?
Ans: I don’t have major influences with regards my art but I never miss out on the opportunity to absorb whatever lesson that comes my way every moment. I would love to think my works are philosophically influenced as well. My idea of trying to pull off of the crowd of norm, as much as I can, leaves me a vast room for exploration and exploits. Lastly, I love cartoons and animations.

* What’s your favourite art work?
Ans: I don’t have a favorite. I love every good work that appeals to my sense of balance and color. And I love photography in particular, because it captures a billion stories in one frame.

* Any limitations?
Ans: Sometimes you don’t have all the money you need to get all the gadgets you’d love to work with, but you just have to do with what you have.

*What gives your craft an edge over other similar talents in your field? And how do you improve?
Ans: My improvement is dependent on commitment, research and quiet times. With regards to what give my work an edge, that would simply be that fact that I constantly try to show who I am in my art, and not who I want to be seen as.

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*What else do you do asides creating near life arts?
Ans: I songwrite, direct vocals and produce music. I am also a music artist. I’m a professional graphic designer and I’m in love with logo designing and corporate branding. I write poems and currently, I’m working on some inspirational books and Spoken words. My music album would be out later this year.

* What are your professional goals and do you have dream projects?
Ans: My dream project is to have an art Forum, where books, art, and music will be readily available to entertain and enlighten children and youths. I believe art plays a core role in people and societal development. It is a great tool, which if we’ll utilized, can and will yield a lot of positive harvest.

* You’re a fine young man? A lot of ladies would love to know if Cuebitze is presently available…Are you?
Ans: They’d find out soon.

*Bad habits?
Ans: Who says that on social media? Only those close to me would have the pleasure of finding out.

*Most embarrassing moment?
Ans: It was in one church like that. Let me just leave it there. Mtcheweeeeeeeew!

*What kind of folks are you attracted to?
Ans: I love peaceful people, open minded people, Creative, intelligent and innovative people. I love writers.

*A few words for fans, admirers, upcoming talents.
Ans: until you dare what you feel inside, you’ll remain a slave to someone else’s ideas.

* How would you describe Bismark’s Cave blog?
Ans: To be candid, I would say I love the simplicity and humor. Yes, the humor is key.

*How can your fans reach you?
Ans: Bbm pin – 58EB52E4, Facebook Name – Cuebitze Soulternative


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