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If Africa Was Gay – By Peter, Benjamin Peter

Religion on clutches
Rainbow flagged churches
“I pronounce you man and man,
Forever to live woman and woman”
The scripture revised
Apostacy undisguised
Men to men, women to women
Streets ambushed by sexual vilain

Has human right swallowed culture,
And changed verses in d scripture?
Your deeds shame our culture and defect the scriptures
Your sour mixture you give to spiritual vultures
Who flock at the smell of dead teachings
And feast on decayed doctrines
Haven’t you heard, were you not told?
About the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
Wasn’t it decreed and fortold?
Doesn’t their destruction make you cower?

Selfish legislature, what will you tell your wife?
When you sponsor bills that lead to strife
You who shout aye, have you gay mates?
What becomes of the girls you plunder at eight?
On the Bible and Koran you placed your hand
And swore to serve your fatherland
Now against Africa you fight
To gain recognition of white
Please visit history before derailment
White pills doesn’t cure black ailment

If Africa was gay
And men kissed in the bay
Obasanjo would be married to Mugabe
And Obama adopted in Zimbabwe
What would become of Benin city?
Would Cairo be history?
Animals would rule the earth
When women no more give birth
If Africa was gay
Lord for my life I pray

Send me home
On Enouch’s blood I plead
On Africa’s tomb
Bury me where culture bleed
Take me away
Before remnant of Sodom and Gomorrah’s fire
Make it’s way
And our sins backfire
Send me home, send me home
Erase my name from Africa’s tome

Peter, Benjamin Peter is a young Akwa Ibom born writer concerned with reviving African culture on extinction through poetry. ‘If Africa Was Gay’ is one of his numerous poems about effect of colonization on African culture.
He is a student of Heritage Polytechnic Eket and an officer of the Nigeria Immigration Service


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