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Daddy’s Type of Ministry 2 – Written by Ann Fina

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“You make me crazy Ella. I can’t seem to get enough of you”, Jerry said passionately as he bent his head to my neck and bit into my flesh. He probed my body with his; licking and kissing and cradling my breast in the cup of his hands. “You are so beautiful,” I smiled at his words. “Ssh! Don’t talk. You will ruin the moment.”

My hips titled against him, my breast against his chest, my body sending a message that was undeniable. With his member obviously eager for me, our slow rhythm soon gave way to an urgent and demanding thrust of passion as I arched towards him, wanting more and more, faster and faster, until our sweat collided with the pleasantness of the sensations that filled us. For a long time afterwards, we lay side by side, taking gulps of air, our moist bodies touching. We didn’t speak. Not after such wild, crippling love making. “You know, I love you Ella”, Jerry whispered. I smiled, fully aware that whatever we had ended in his bedroom.

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Emily was his bride-to-be and a week ago they had taken their pre-wedding shots. It had been three months since I stopped caring what the sixth commandment said. “Thou shall not commit adultery,” I rolled my eyes inwardly at the thought of the words. There were no guilty feelings; at least, not when my father — who was a supposed man of God — could screw other ladies, even to the choir mistress. But then, his little secret was forever safe with me. Mother seemed emotionally fragile. The secret would only serve to tear her apart. For her sake, my mouth remained shut. Though in exchange, I gained my freedom.

Father never meddled with my decision neither did he boss me around as he used to do. I couldn’t tell if he was still having extramarital affairs, but he began treating mother with so much love and affection. Perhaps, he was afraid I would spill his secret. My phone rang as soon as Jerry made his way to the bathroom. I squinted at the device and sighed at the sight of the caller. “Ella, where are you?” It was father, sounding panicky. “Wherever you are…
Click here to read Daddy’s Type of Ministry 1

Ann Fina studied Law at the prestigious Ebonyi State University, Abakiliki. She loves to write. She can be reached on facebook via her name – Ann Fina


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