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Sightings & Places – Precious Okoro takes us to Jos

The beautiful Precious Okoro gives us a tour of Jos and significant details of the place.
It is more than you would expect, if you’ve never been to the plateaus.
This amazing writer captures the lovely and serene environment with visuals too.
Precious took us to this river at Rayfield resort; a place that brings back emotional memories of the past. She explains “Trust me when I tell you that I tried so hard not to be mesmerised by the view before me.”
I love this! Scroll down to read this piece.

My admiration for the river died the day my dear cousin drowned. I was at war with mother nature. In my grief, I spoke harshly to imaginary gods of the sea and challenged them to a fight. I also gathered all the papers where I wrote odes to nature and squeezed them till my palm turned red. Forgive me, but I can be very emotional and melodramatic when it comes to these things. Sighs. Know that feeling of betrayal you get when the one you love stabs you right in the spine? Yes. That was exactly my case. I had written so much about nature’s beauty to the point that I felt connected to her in ways that I can’t describe in concrete terms. Hell, I thought we were in love. My cousin’s death opened my eyes to see beneath nature’s beautiful. For long, I mentally lashed myself for every word I wrote in praise of wind or waves, dew or rain. It’s heartbreaking how say, a harmless looking earth can decide to yawn mindlessly, or how an unruffled river wouldn’t be so keen to spare a life at it’s mercy.

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Everyday in Plateau State is a personal journey towards reconciliation and artistic peace. Where else can one get these if not on the Plateau, the very home of peace and tourism? Whenever I think of Plateau, I think of me. If crises had wrecked her and she still found a way to move the hell on, why not me? Beauty found a home in this place once ravaged by lovelessness. Maybe, just maybe, it will find a home in my grief.

There’s a river that sits at Rayfield Resort, Jos. For some weird ass reasons I’m yet to figure out, I allowed a friend to take me there. Couldn’t believe my hands when they picked up my phone and snapped the pictures you see. Trust me when I tell you that I tried so hard not to be mesmerised by the view before me. Was shuttling between painful past and beautiful present. Does anyone understand how messed up such journeys can be? I need to know that I’m not alone in this at least.

Well, I sat close to the river for hours until the waves and ripples ceased. The quietness was so intense it made me travel to unknown realms. I could swear I heard my dear cousin speak. The cheer in his voice assured me that he was in a better place, and for the first time in a long while, I deemed it fit to make peace with mother nature, starting with the river before me. Maybe if she was vocal about her feelings, she would have told me of how sorry she was. But that’s by the way. The crux of my story is that somehow, I made peace with my enemy.


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