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Addicted To Social Networks? – Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson

Barely three minutes since you logged out of social networking websites, after being online for endless hours; your hands get itchy again, you feel restless. So you quickly reach for the phone to go online, for the umpteenth time.
You logging, scroll through your news feed, check your notifications. Nothing new. Still the same updates and activities you’ve seen repeatedly.
You’re bored. You log out.

Few minutes later you’re bored with the real world again.
When you’re not chatting on the internet nothing around you seems interesting; you feel disconnected. Without the internet, It’s almost like there’s a void that needs to be filled.
Whenever you’re away from social networks, something in your head keeps telling you that you’re missing out greatly on a whole lot of fun stuff in the virtual world; the glitzy moments, conversations & general craziness online.

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Your phone beeps to notify you of an incoming notification, which you’ve waited for like your life depends on it. Instantly, you feel a surge of excitement up and down your spine. Everything is kicked aside.
In split seconds your fingers are flying over your keypads, you become preoccupied with the virtual fantasy world and cut off from the real world.
And so it continues; a pattern is established, an addiction is formed. An addiction that gets in the way of your daily schedules. Other areas of your life suffer neglect.

Many of us, young and old are slaves to this addiction.
How does one overcome this powerful addiction that has completely taken over us? How do we apply restraint when there’s this urge to abandon every important aspect of our lives for social networking?
Well, I’m no therapist. But if the aforementioned pattern describes you, then your healing process begins with acknowledging your addiction.
Time management has also been found to be very effective.

Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson is the Editor-In-Chief and founder of Bismark’s Cave. A native of Onuimo, Imo state. He is an Engineer and a freelance writer. When he writes, he tells it as it comes to him- raw and un diluted. Bismark loves Egusi soup and Fufu too!

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