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Mr. president, have you eaten? – Peter Benjamin Peter

Oh, misty minded!
Tune to the northern sun
Have thy heart been blinded?
Does sorrow bring you fun?
Grumbling stomachs in scorching heat
Down the street they line their seat
Association of beggars
Infants littering like papers
Inch by inch we drift into oblivion
Are we Nigerians or deported Syrians?
Who with the hungry will form an alliance?
The poor to feed with his wardrobe allowance

Whether or not crude oil gains
The nations voice is echoing in pain
Renovate no more our Aso Rock
Renovate our tummy, hunger struck
There’s a long queue of bloated belly
When north the compass is reading
Beggarly hands and wrinkled faces
Aren’t signs of overfeeding
Time was when oil was a savior
And importation did the healing
Until breakfast bypassed lunch hour
And dinner died reseeding

Garri is a national treasure
When rice is eaten on slot
With what will the poor make leisure?
When palm oil is stored on jackpot
Are we spoils of corruption?
Is our destiny ripe or not?
The Jesus of our generation
Reaping fruits of political sluts
Whose names are never known
And pictures never shown
Your Excellency, Mr. President
Are we aliens or residents

Bring us our President
To answer to the residents
What has become of Israel?
Have we bowed to a foreign god?
Did you, Mr. President derail?
Were you installed with an iron rod?
Why did you shut the border?
When agriculture was yet in order?
To whom did you sell the Naira?
Have Chibok girls crossed the border?
Your Excellency, Mr. President
Why aren’t your works evident?

As youth we rhyme in thought
To stage a poetic war
Same war our fathers fought
When rulers became law
One poem for a million lives
A journey to the archives
Where tears are served with straw
And justice eaten raw
Bitter truth we sweeten
With an alluring scent
Your Excellency, Mr. President
Have you eaten?
**Special thanks to comrades/contributors to the #One_Poem_For_A_Milion_Lives campaign
-Akanimo Eyibio
-Anyanya Bassey
-Efemijoko Kennedy
-Blessing Idiong

One Poem For A Million Lives is a poetic campaign led by Peter Benjamin Peter to raise awareness about the chronic poverty and hunger condition prevalent in the country, how the polices of government has contributed to it ,and what the youth think. We believe that if no one dries their eyes, we would all get drowned in their flooding tears.

Join the movement…For the love of humanity.
For sponsorship and enquiry contact;


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