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NORMALCY – Tarkaa Moses

Men screaming ‘freedom’ while paying taxes,
Women wanting equality by marking men’s ballot papers,
A taxi driver trekked home last night,
A transsexual has won the “Woman of the Year” award,
A Head of State chills abroad and becomes the President of Chile,

A child with homosexual parents, 
Law makers are lawbreakers,
Representatives in scandals,
Law students can’t talk of rights with their lecturers,

A teenager is paid to tweet,
An oil-producing country lacks oil,
A Black man once slept in the White House,
A foreign-reliant “Giant of Africa,”

A bankrupt banker,
An unemployed job analyst,
A pregnant nun,

Holy Wars,
Chaos! Order!! Crises!!!

Welcome to the twenty-first century.

Tarkaa Moses studies law and enjoys reading anything. He is not so amazing on the internet but a professional muse in the real world. You can connect with him on all major social networks. User ID: iTARKAA


Quick witted, perceptive and inquisitive.

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