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RED VALENTINE By Peter Benjamin Peter

Lend me the lyrics
Lyrics of drowning titanic
Sung by living spirits
When water erupted volcanic

Lend me a poison
A Juliet kiss, a suicide
To moisten romantic season
A coffin for groom and bride

Lend me an hour
A Sampson’s plea for power
When sweet Delilah turns foe
For love to die a hero

Lend me a red valentine
A beheaded feast of love to dine
When stars decorate the moon’s groom
And promises lead to the bedroom

If for love I die today
Would you name it Benjamin’s day?
A monument for all to see
Please do remember me

If I be darkened in love’s shadow
Drowned besides an old widow
To thee I make a dying plea
Please do remember me

If I took her poisoned tea
But no monument bears my name
A lost bet, oh what a shame?
Please you, remember me

If Sampson’s hair should grow like grain
And Titanic sail again
If Romeo and Juliet should see
Please do remember me

Peter, Benjamin Peter is a young Akwa Ibom born writer. He is a student of Heritage Polytechnic Eket and an officer of the Nigeria Immigration Service


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