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Let Her Speak 2 – by Ann Fina

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I once had such similar experience. It was around 2012. I was 15, still fresh from high school and awaiting my admission into the university. During that period, a male friend of mine paid me a visit. Both my parents and my siblings had all gone out, I was the only one at home.

After the pleasantries, there were so many things to catch up on; how we missed high school, the crushes we had, the party we had after our final exam… but long story cut short, the music changed, and the dude attempted to sexually assault me. Honestly, I never knew I was such a good fighter when the moment came for me to defend myself.

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I fought, I screamed, neighbours intervened, dude took to his heels. My parents got back; the ordeal was narrated to them. Later that day, I was given a good beating. Yes, you read right. They kept telling me it was my fault; that perhaps I was dressed indecently or was flirting with him. All my attempts to explain what happened were shunned, as they were in no mood to believe me.

I had expected my dad to ask about the guy’s residential address. I expected him to confront him with the police and probably put him behind bars. He never did any of that though, which was shocking, because I wasn’t only his daughter, the assault also took place under his roof. Ultimately, I took the blame alone, which should never have been the case.

I know there are many girls who have had similar experiences. When they had the courage to speak up, they were either told they are lying or are coerced and compelled into keeping quiet about it.
While we teach the girls how not to get raped, perhaps we should teach the boys how not to rape. We should make them understand that their dignity doesn’t lie in how many ladies they have slept with, and how they ought to respect a woman’s “NO”.

Instead of blaming and put the onus of responsibility on the victim, let’s face the act and punish the offender. Let’s stop this act of shaming rape victims, because it only serves as ammunition for perpetrators.
Click here to read Let Her Speak 1

Ann Fina studied Law at the prestigious Ebonyi State University, Abakiliki. She loves to write. She can be reached on facebook via her name – Ann Fina


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