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Interview with Micronesia Anyanwu: Nigerian Cardiologist in the US Army

All across the world, Nigerians are making a difference in different fields like, arts, science, technology, fashion designing, etc.
The Cave interviews Micronesia Anyanwu – A Nigerian flying the country’s flag outside the shores of the country. This bright mind works in the medical unit of the US Army.

Micronesia Anyanwu is a big inspiration to the vast majority of young people trying to make a difference around the world.
In this interview, Cardiologist, Micronesia Anyanwu shares with us his experiences, aspirations and everything you’d love to know about a world of weapons and camouflaged attires.
Read interview below.

Q: Can we get a glimpse of your background?
A: I was born in Lagos Nigeria and I’m from Imo state. I grew up In Lagos, London, Spain and now USA.

Q: What’s your area of specialisation?
A: I’m a Doctor for the United States Army, I specialise in cardiology.

Q: What does it take to be in the medical unit in the US army? I’m sure many folks would love to know how to go about this.
A: It takes a lot to be a doctor. In my case, i always thought I would be a comedian but that changed. I attended Command Day Secondary School Ojo Lagos and moved to the states, went to Texas Tech University and also graduated from the University of Austin Texas. So, it takes dedication and hard work and I believe anyone can do it.

Q: Being a Nigerian, Army Doctor, are you treated differently?
A: Being Nigerian, I’m not treated differently and due to my exposure to different countries (40) I learn something new everyday and adjust to the situation.

Q: What informed your decision to take up this job which involves lots of travelling, knowing the risk and hazards associated with it?
A: What made me take this job was an advice I got from my mentor who has passed on. He said, “always chase your dreams just to show people nothing is impossible.”

Q: So far has your career been rewarding?
A: My career has been rewarding I wanna do something more, achieve more and get to a higher scale.

Q: What was your first deployment/mission experience like?
A: First deployment was Iraq where I almost lost my life, terrible experience I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. I was there for 1 year and 3 months and I’ve been to a lot of violence prone areas as well.

Q: Most dangerous part of the world your job took you to.
A: Most dangerous part of the world I’ve been is Russia.

Q: Let’s know the good sides of the job.
A: You get to work anywhere in the world you want to.

Q: Any advice on how the Nigerian Army can take better care of soldiers deployed on a mission?
A: Nigerian army should not just recruit for infantry, they should get people from all fields of life and the government should be able to empower the army with adequate capital for ammunitions, and salaries that can take care of its soldiers.

Q: Single or taken?
A: Single

Q: What’s on your music playlist?
A: Phyno, Flavour, Runtown, Olamide and Don Jazzy.

Q: How do you relax?
A: I relax by travelling to Europe and Asia to visit family and friends.

Q: How would you describe Bismark’s Cave?
A: I think the blog is educative and entertaining and it opens the audience to a lot of interesting views.


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