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Psalms of a Forlorn – Tarkaa Moses

Beneath the skies stood us,
The moon acting like a bodyguard,
It wouldn’t let our peace be still,

Under its light I pried open my chest,
My warm heart did I place before you,
Just upon your widely opened palms.

In the day was so much expectations,
Our planned meeting on schedule,
The night had no choice but to be alive,
With such soft melodious sounds,
It was clear it was the orchestra of crickets.
We stood with no one talking,

It was like a moment before dancing,
Even though the stars were shining,
And the mosquitoes were spraying,
I could not tell if the deep pricking 
I felt on my skin were kisses.
Sweet smells wafting,

The sensual smell of the mangroves,
The romantic touch of the forest breeze,
The aroma of plump juicy mangoes,
Under the tree where we lay.
Her chubby saccharine lips opened,

A shiver ran down my backbone,
That moment had arrived,
Closer I drew, to hear her loving words,
Time immediately stopped when she said,

“Kator, I have a boyfriend.”

Tarkaa Moses studies law and enjoys reading anything. He is not so amazing on the internet but a professional muse in the real world. You can connect with him on all major social networks. User ID: iTARKAA


Quick witted, perceptive and inquisitive.

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