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An Interview with Seyilaw Ransom King – CEO Lofty Purple Ray

Mr Seyilaw Ransom King is a graduate of Law from University of Ado-Ekiti. He is the CEO of Lofty Purple Ray, a company that provides Agro-Allied packaging machines, it also has a brand of Construction and Industrial and personal safety Kits known as “Lofty Safety” – products ranging from safety helmets, safety shoes, fall arresters and several other safety accessories.

Having Mr Seyi discuss entrepreneurship in this interview was exceptional. Evidently, he has a profound knowledge of entrepreneurship because he took it from a different dimension which was enlightening.
The main focus of this interview is to inspire innovation and creativity and impact our world in a positive way. In the words of Mo Abudu “If you can think it, you can do it.”
Read interview below.

Q: How did you start out? Your story would definitely inspire and motivate many readers.
A: I’ve known for sure that doing business is my passion, but I grew up to believe that education is the only way to make it in life, quite unfortunate for me. In the year 2016, I made my mind up to own a company which is Lofty Purple Ray Ltd today.

Q: From an entrepreneurial perspective, what does it entail to start up a similar business outfit?
A: I won’t be specific on a particular business because I am also involved in so many types of businesses. My view is whatever you desire to achieve as an entrepreneur, you must be sure its solution driven and you need to make your dreams a burning desire. You need to be mad over your dreams because its never going to be easy.

Q: We know this clime and terrain particularly isn’t favourable to entrepreneurs. There are a lot of challenges. But can you tell us your major constraints?
A: My major constraint is people. Only few can be trusted in business and definitely you can’t do it alone. Getting the right people matters alot.

Q: Lofty Purple Ray is a leading Exporter & Supplier of solar and wind energy. Are these raw materials readily available?
A: Yes at the moment we have our products in Tanzania, and a few in Nigeria. Our products are highly in demand because of the epileptic power supply in Nigeria.

Q: Does Lofty Purple Ray offer other services outside Agriculture?
A: Definitely. We deal in Solar systems and packaging machineries for sachets & pouches for food and Agro industries.

Q: Can you recount your success stories and failures, and downtimes so far?
A: Early this year Lofty Purple Ray Ltd was able to cement an international partnership with Elsonic Group Hong Kong/ India (manufacturer of alternative energy) to be the sole distributor of all solar and alternate Energy Products in Nigeria and the whole of African Region. This year seams to be a mix for me as well as in my business.
As for my losses, I have lost some, I have lost some money invested in some of our kitchenware products which was seized in India in December. But that’s business, we won’t stop because of that.

Q: Can you tell us your current new projects?
A: Right now with the Board of Directors of my company we are giving opportunities to willing investors interested in our ‘light up Nigeria’ solar project.

Q: Nigerian Economy is currently in a depression. In what ways can Agriculture salvage this situation?
A: Agriculture is life, if we can wake up from our slumber and go back to the farm, hunger will be a thing of the past in our nation and with time money will be a minute issue because agriculture is the only way out of this mess we find ourselves in presently.

Q: Favourite Motivational Quote?
A: If you hold it in your mind, your can have it in your hands.

Q: When you’re not travelling round the globe, how do you relax?
A: I love to be with my family.

Q: How can you be reached, possibly for enquires.
A: I can be reached through any of my email addresses.
| or you can also check us on our website |

Q: Few words for BismarksCave blog.
A: I am humbled by this rare opportunity given to me to share my view with fellow young and bright minds. I have gone through this blog and found it amazingly great. The world will be a better place with people like you.

One thought on “An Interview with Seyilaw Ransom King – CEO Lofty Purple Ray

  1. Hey Mr. King. Grear interview. I hope that your endeavors bring you even more success. Continue to do great things because you will definitely receive all you desire. You are a great example of why entrepreneurship is important in today’s world and more young people will be inspired by your motivations and efforts to build a more sustainable, energy efficient tomorrow.


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