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My Chibok Experience – Written by Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma

March 2011 I was posted to Borno State for my one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) When I got the letter I cried and cried and almost did not go until my sweet elder brother assured me that he was going to do something about me being redeployed from Borno.

Finally i travelled to Borno State, Maiduguri to be precise for the three weeks orientation camp, in the camp I virtually wallowed in self pity, depressed and was always scared due to the gist we use to hear from the Soldiers in our camp. Finally the three weeks camp ended and it was time to post us to our respective Local Governments for primary assignments, lo and behold I was posted to Chibok, I asked some Soldiers how Chibok was like and they compounded my fear, one of them told me to buy anything I would be needing from Maiduguri because I may not like what I would see in Chibok.

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Finally the long ride to Chibok, we got to Damboa and boarded another bus to Chibok, on our way I thought we were going to be killed, no single roads our vehicle was passing through bush paths through thick forest, we were all screaming in the bus and the driver was busy laughing in a scary and unusual way I nearly fainted.

Well, I stayed one week in Chibok I was glad I actually bought what I needed from Maiduguri because their water tasted like ice cream, that one week I fed on water and cold beverages, that one week in Chibok my depression was raised to power 2, that one week in Chibok I had mental problem because we were practically living in an unfenced thick forest called Corpers Lodge, I never slept at night I was always awake and alert before I finally got a call from my brother that I had been redeployed to FCT.

My happiness knew no bounds. A day after I left Chibok, they killed a big snake close to where I used to sleep. When I was told, I just knew that Jehovah God was and is still on my side preparing me for something special.

After all said and done I can authoritatively beat my hand on my chest and say that I have been to the most popular and prestigious town in Nigeria (CHIBOK)!! #GoinDownMemoryLane.

Written by: Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma, three years ago

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