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HERE LIES by Peter Benjamin Peter

Here lies a mother, sister and daughter
Here lies a victim of black slaughter
She was our music
She was our dance
She was amusing like ancient romance
Survived by children, relatives and friends
Survived by lovers who plotted her end
Abandoned for beauty
Abandoned for trend
Abandoned for a juicy white girlfriend

She schooled in the kitchen
A perfect stomach magician
She had a husband
She treasured like waistband
She lived his life
A true black wife
Her body he plundered
Her wealth he squandered
Yet she never thundered
A true love drunkard

She gave birth but had none
Her words they hated and shun
Adopted by whites
They bid decency goodnight
Women kissing women
Men wedding men
Naked with clothes on
They legalised public porn
In pain she wiped for years
Until she got drowned in tears

….Her name was culture
Married to Africa…

Peter Benjamin Peter

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