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Does It Get Better? by Okafor Tochukwu

Echi ga abu echi oma n’ime ndu anyi, that is optimism in spoken words, spiritual declaration for the believers. Oga adi mma, that is being hopeful; futuristically, imploring one to hold on. But in all honesty, optimism and belief aside, and saying it as it seems, echi oga aka taa mma? In colloquial terms, “does it really get better?” Rhetorical question.

I remember this blockbuster that made waves almost a decade ago, carving out the ‘aal izz well’ cliché to go with it. Starring Amir Khan who stated categorically, that the aforementioned cliché was to make the heart be at ease, not that all was really at ease. I could not agree more.

Take a look around and inwardly, be truthful, be honest, barring the natural growth, barring the fact that time is a great healer. Does it really get better? Does what is in front tend to get easier? Nehi. Does it really get better, or are we just a bunch of optimists who put out optimistic, consolatory and hackneyed sentences to quell the troubles of the heart and forge ahead. Does the future really promise all we say or is it just ‘okwu nkasi obi‘ for the faint-hearted to march on?

Since it does not get easier ahead, where does it getting better stem from if not sheer OPTIMISM?

On the climatic front, we all know how capricious our climate has become, no thanks to the much touted ‘Global Warming’ and some self-induced phenomenon that we tend to allude to natural causes -lemme not delve into that today.

Let us bring it home, politically, are the promises getting better or are they the same trite and supposedly worn-out ones? Will it get better and close to two decades the promises of yesteryears have not been fulfilled and we expect to hit new heights, huh?

On the cost of living front, are the prices of things still going to plummet? You can really tell the prices of things when you were young and correlate it with the ‘e go beta’ cliché, then place it next to the ever-rising prices of items and tell me, nwanne, o ga adi mma, K’obu okwu nkasi obi?

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Comparing today to yesterday, and in the same vein, today to the ‘tomorrow’ that never comes. Can we say we have really progressed, or we are just in a cyclic movement and having grown into the discomfort of yesterday, which now seems a lot more comfortable than before.

We always say tomorrow, but in reality tomorrow never seems to come. Sheer farcical.

If I were asked, I would say, NEHI….

But nonetheless, we march on. We grow into it, it never gets better. It never gets better, we just get wiser, more matured and just like our immune system, more immune to bullshits of yesteryears/day. Hence, our new found comfort is hinged on our new found immunity being greater than the bedevilments of yesterday in the lookout for what today brings.

Something Striking: If it really gets better, how come we look back at throwbacks and yesterdays and say, “the good old days”. Ever wonder?
We march on, because only the strong continue/survive/thrive.

PS: ‘e go beta’, thanks you for giving the hopeless of yesterday hope for tomorrow, else, many would end their quest for the struggle TODAY!

Abeg, make I ask you, does it really get better?
Gba mu ukwu n’eze. 😁😁😁

Okafor Tochukwu is a voracious reader & freelance writer he is also a football fanatic. He blogs his ideas at FREELANCINGTOKS’ BLOG

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