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Nigeria: The Misnomers – by Akhigbe Samson

This country is wonderfully filled with abnormal people.
This is the only country a man will build a bungalow with 4 and a half rooms and name it #Temidire_Castle. His neighbour who is struggling to feed his 13 children and 9 wives will become envious. The negro will borrow money from alajeseku to add a small room to his abandoned decking. He will get Mufu the painter to emblazon a sign saying “Peace Villa”, but Mufu is an inebriated midget from Ibadan, he will paint “PISS FILLA”.

An Igbo spare parts seller in Ladipo Mushin will labour like an ant, rush to his home town in Onitsha, erect a 4-storey building with a window linking to his neighbour’s. He will proudly write “God is Good Towers”. That’s how someone will build a storey building with 12 shops and no toilet. He will proudly call it “Adelove MALL”. His neighbour, an Edo pimp who made money shipping Uromi gehs to Belgium will acquire half a plot of land, build 3 shops and title it “Oba Oghenedo Plaza”.

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A Nigerian politician will address Buhari as “His Excellency, the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Retired General Muhammadu Buhari, Grand Commander of the Federal Republic” when a whole Trump is simply Mr. Trump. An obese senator from IkotEkpene will use 50 minutes to say, “Your majesty, distinguished Senator and President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki of the Afonja dynasty”. The time that should be used to pass Bills will be used for rankadede alhaji.

82 years old Ambassadorial nominee? Every person involved in the foisting of this misnomer on us, thunder faya you.


Akhigbe Samson

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