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CEMETERY OF INVENTION by Peter Benjamin Peter

He made a house that could fly without fin
Accused and banished for midday witchcraft
Sold to white traders in exchange for gin
Traders who exploited and drank of his craft
His talent they hoarded
His brain they melt
With his knowledge they boarded a flight to wealth
Sucked him dry and abandoned him with poor health
Evicted and deposited him with acrimony
He returned an empty vessel, like ThinTallTony

Our art galleries are cemetery of invention
Where talents are hoarded and put on detention
Creativity appreciated based on connection
Mountains of promises put on erection
Talent fall sick for lack of attention
Creativity dies of dejection and rejection
Welcome to the cemetery of invention
Where we buried talents that suffered castration

Oh, creative mind of an African child
Like raw gold deposited in the wild
With giant security and iron gate
Locking opportunity with barb wire and snakes
Talent we abandoned to compete Bill Gate
Where money is shared, a National cake
White paper pays better
Militancy pays faster
Ballot box snatching pays richer
But creativity surely pays later

Peter Benjamin Peter

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