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Enugu State – A Beauty Worth Beholding

Some Nigerian states look very tiny on the map, but brethren, get on road, calculate hours spent moving from one point to another, you’ll wonder if the land mass correspond to what’s on the map. Who ever created the Nigerian map needs to be sued for misleading the citizens of Naija. But that’s by the way.

This would be my 2nd time here. 042 as it’s popularly called is everything you heard and more. I’ll tell you why. But first of all, Good morning to only the indigenes of Enugu state. The rest of you should collect your ‘good morning’ from your lazy, incompetent, pot-bellied Governors.

To be frank, Enugu is the most beautiful state in Nigeria! Enugu is
nature’s gift to man. Enugu is Paris of Africa!
I’m not mincing words.
Just as it’s name implies, “on top the hills”, it’s a hilly city.
Looking at the beautiful houses up in the hills from a distance, the view is incredible. Its magical!

You find water flowing out of rocks naturally and cascading over these rocks. It’s amazing. There are pasture lands & plantations on steep hills; at sunset it’s lovely to behold. I took several photos of wonderland from the vehicle’s window. It’ll be my wallpapers.

The best part of the experience is that, despite the difficult, rocky terrain good roads still exist. Enugu has the best road network in the whole of Nigeria. Go figure!
Now I’m home with Enugu-made cashew hamper and a bag full of Enugu-made “Okpa” for dinner.

Did i tell you that they make the best Okpa in the world? Mehn, leave okpa business to Enugu folks. It’s their birthright and heritage.

Don’t argue. Please.
I will surely visit Enugu state again.

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