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Your 9 to 5 job Could Be A Better Option – Written by Offor Honest

If you want freedom, don’t fire your Boss
Whoever told you that being your own boss grants you freedom, lied to you. If you think that by firing your boss, you get to sleep and laze around, you’re surely on a long thing.

As your own Boss, you think that you’re done with 8 to 5 only to realize you now work 8 to 8, sometimes even 7 to 9. Weekends are no longer free. Saturdays are no longer for movies. You no longer look forward to month ends with happiness. Month end is no longer time to receive salary but time to pay salary.

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There are deadlines to meet, customers to please, services to provide, new markets to penetrate and competitions to battle
You can no longer spend at your whim or buy what catches your fancy without thinking how it affects your profit margin. If you spend too much and eat your capital, you can be out of business. So you defer gratification, you cut your spending and control your appetite.

Building a business is a full time job. It is tasking. It is demanding. It can be frustrating, especially in our clime where you have to provide everything you need for yourself.
If you’re into production, and you have machines breaking down, power going off and off and workers behaving like they were sent by your village witches to frustrate you, sometimes you’ll ask who sent you to venture into business.

Despite the challenges, the joy of trying and succeeding is unequalled. The value you create and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you’re touching lives, is unbeatable.

Here’s to every entrepreneur out there. Here’s to everyone who despite the temptation to give up and the frustrating business environment, has continued to trudge on. Here’s to those who haven’t let up on their dreams.
You guys are the real Bosses and I say Kudos!

Offor Honest

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