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My Experience at the GTBANK Food and Drink Fair

In the spirit of giving back to the society, Guaranteed Trust Bank (GTB) organised a 2-day event themed “GTBANK Food and Drink Fair”.
The event which took place on the 30th of April & 1st of May, was basically aimed at helping small scale food enterprises showcase their food products and also give some selected invited guests a crash course on cooking. These lucky ones categorised as ‘the masterclass’ would have culinary skills sessions with world class chefs.

Well, I got an invite to this prestigious event without payment arrangements. All I did was apply. Although the masterclass and other classes had been taken, I only got an invite to attend the fair, also graced by a few very notable personalities & public figures. Yipee!

GTB sponsored food and drink fair took place at 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos. A choice area with a beautiful scenery.
For economic reasons, I decided to attend just one of the two day event. Being a Sunday, the road was traffic free. Thank God! I arrived at the venue in no time. Invites weren’t checked but we passed through a security passage way. Heavy set security men were located in strategic places watching everyone’s movement with keen eyes.

After we’d gotten through the security passage way, we were handed a nice GTBANK customised hand fan. I decided to do some sight-seeing. Outside the hall was a makeshift farmers market, where various agricultural produce were exhibited for sale. On display were crops like tomatoes, pepper, vegetable all green & fresh. Never have I seen an Okra as big, if not bigger than carrots.
Also on sale were livestock & diary products.
There was the mouthwatering, suya session outside the hall, but the scorching sun wasn’t friendly. I didn’t spend much time outside as much as I’d loved to.

I made my way into the busy, crowded hall, luckily i was able to find a vacant seat. The hall decor, artworks and lightings were perfect and tastefully done.
Several food companies had their products on display (Small chops, drinks, ice cream, bread, food, Basically restaurant) in several makeshift stalls. The hall was saturated with aromas from several food which wafted through my nostrils, and had me sniffing endlessly.

The ongoing culinary session exclusively for the masterclass took place at a separate section of the big hall.
At a point, I began to feel left out and envious while watching the masterclass participants enjoy special privileges. So i decided to walk round the various stalls. Luckily some had samples of their food items for tasting. (Cakes, bread, small chops, etc) and trust me, I tasted to my fill.

To be frank, edibles were beyond expensive at the fair, probably because we are in V.I and big boys and girls came prepared. I even sighted several white families. The music was good. The D.J did a good job, played 99% foreign song. We were constantly reminded by an On Air Personality that there was ‘free’ wifi in the hall (Which didn’t work for me).

The best part was when I bumped into Miyonse from the just concluded Big Brother Nigeria show. I quickly took a Selfie with him… Lol… Nice guy generally, overheard some ajebo girls saying, ‘wow he’s so small’… (Una matter). Later on I decided it was time to head home. All in all it was a very organised event with a controlled crowd. Thumbs up GTBANK.

See More Pictures after the cut

P.S for those of you planning to attend next year’s Food and Drink Fair, hold cash o! The invite said come hungry, not Food is Free… Or did it say so… Make I go check…. lol

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