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12 Nigerian Artistes We Miss in the Nigerian Music Industry

While some artistes had their heydays and later on fell off, due to their inability to evolve at the same pace with the Nigerian music industry, some artistes were quite relevant while they were around, but for some reasons, they stopped making music; we can’t help but wonder why.
Below is a compiled list of 12 Nigerian Artistes who had some hit songs under their belts (some are one hit wonders), and have left the music scene for quite some time. We expect something new from them though.
12. Mo’Cheddah

Modupe – Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola also known as Mo’Cheddah, was a one time queen of rap music in Nigeria. A title earned with hit songs like, ‘If You Want Me’ released in 2012. Her last known Album ‘Franchise Celebrity’ was released in 2012. She was signed under ‘Knight House Record’ label, but parted ways to establish Cheddah Music in February 2012.   These days, she’s seems to be more focused on her clothing line (Mo’Cheddah Clothing).

11. Faze

The ‘Tattoo Girls’ and ‘Kpo Kpo di Kpo’ crooner, Chibuzor Oji, popular known as Faze, was a member of the now defunct ‘Plantashun Boys’ (alongside 2face and BlackFace). He released 3 critically acclaimed albums, although ‘Faze Alone’ released in 2004 and ‘Independent’ released in 2006 were his bestselling albums (Independent happens to be my personal favourite). His 3rd album ‘Originality’ also did quite well, but when he released ‘Refazed’ in 2012, Nigerians seemed to have moved on to the next hottest thing.

10. Black Face

Also a former member of the defunct group ‘Plantashun Boys’, Ahmedu Augustine Otiabo popular called ‘Black Face’ had a brief moment of fame following the split of the group. His biggest solo effort, ‘Hard Life’, was released in 2004 under the album ‘Ghetto Child’. He originally co-wrote the song ‘African Queen’ with former group mate ‘2Face Idibia’. At different times he had engaged in a brawl with 2face over royalties for the song ‘African queen’, many years after its success.
The last time we checked he’s still aggrieved. Wheew! Real Hard Life for our Nigga. But come on Black face, we used to jam to your songs. Drop it like its hot again.

9. Sasha P.

Popularly known as the First Lady of Nigerian Hip Hop, Anthonia Yetunde Alabi ruled airways with ‘Adara’ in 2008, but since then fans have been waiting for another banger. She sang under ElDee’s Trybe Records and did well in her hey days, winning lots of awards and gracing international stages. Just like Mo’Cheddah (and most female artists), she’s concentrating on her clothing label – Electric by Sasha, launched in August 2012. Too bad!

8. Daddy Showkey

King of dancehall songs, John Asiemo popularly known as Daddy Showkey is one of the pioneers of Nigerian music industry.
Still remember how he had us dancing ‘galala’ in the late 1990’s. His Ajegunle swag, locks and signature dance moves influenced several young artistes who came after him. Daddy showkey had several hit songs like self titled ‘Showkey’, ‘Diana’, etc. Although he tried to do some comeback tracks like ‘Showkey Again’ but… erm…those days are gone.

7. Resonance

Resonance is a duo group whose lead singer “Esther Ebigbo” was the beautiful voice behind hits like ‘Chinwe Ike’ and ‘Lee lee’. The group was formed in 2005 and the 2 popular songs had Nigerians wanting some more. Till date, we can’t say what went wrong.

6. Styl Plus

This list wouldn’t be complete without our very own Nigerian Boys II Men. Styl Plus gave us hits back to back, such as ‘Olufunmi’, ‘Runaway’, ‘Imagine that’, all songs were products of their 2006 groundbreaking album ‘Expressions’. Styl Plus has become a household name due to their emotional songs, mesmerizing vocals and infectious harmony. In 2016, they signed up to a new record label ‘Eskimo Records’ and in 2017 released ‘Aso Ibora’ as a duo (without Tunde).
In all honesty, we ain’t feeling 2017 styl plus. Where’s that magic we know them for? Hopefully, they’ve not lost it.

5. Tony Tetuila

The ‘You don hit my car’ crooner, Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye) had 3 Albums. The former member of The Remedies had several club bangers such as ‘Omode Meta’, ‘My heart go jigi Jigi’, ‘E go better’, ‘My Car’ amongst others. He had us dancing from the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s.In 2014, our blond haired guy decided run for a political post in the Kwara State House of Assembly. Since then, he’s been off our radar.

4. D’Prince

D’Prince is Here!! D’Prince is here!!!, lol. I personally like this guy that’s why I included him on the list. The brother of Don Jazzy is well known for his songs with crazy lyrics. The Mavin Records artiste brought us songs like ‘Birthday’, ‘Oga Titus’, ‘Adaobi’, ‘Omooba’, etc. Okay, we know Charles Enebeli (D’Prince) is still active in the Nigerian Music Industry but this is to remind him that we (his fans, lol) are waiting for something new. Very soon, we’ll organise a protest and storm Marvin records building in our numbers.

3. El’Dee

CEO of Trybes Records “Lanre Dabiri” also known as ElDee, made hits like ‘Bosi Gbangba’, ‘Wash Wash’, ‘Today Today’, in the early 2000’s. As a Boss, he had 5 albums to his name all released between 2004 and 2012. He was really The Don when he ruled airwaves. He is now based in America with his wife and kids. That’s how he left his fans heartbroken since 2012.

2. Kelly Handsome

When you are not yet ‘made’, please do not yab a ‘made’ rapper. That said, allow me to introduce Orji Kelechi Obinna George Michael (Only you?) (Kelly Handsome). The controversial ‘Maga don pay’ singer once dissed notable artists like MI and Terry G. His song ‘Finish you boy’, a diss song against MI and Chocolate city is one of my favourite Naija diss song, but unfortunately it led to the end of his career, which he has since tried reviving but… (Read the intro to this entry).

1. Bracket

The music duo Bracket who got us all dancing to tunes like ‘Yori Yori’ and ‘Happy Day’ have been in the music business since 2004. The ‘Ape Planet’ artistes have 3 albums with only 1 being successful. In 2013, a member of the group was diagnosed and treated of Lymphoma (Cancer of the blood). They still make music, but none has been able to match up to their initial efforts. #SadFace
You don’t agree with the list?, you feel an artiste should be added? Removed? You may share your views in the comment section.

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