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Fond Memories of Benin City – Written by Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma

**Singing** Edo, Edo nimose, Edo, Edo nimose Edo Edo ooo, Edo oo, Edo nimose.
Yeah I love to tell real life stories, I just love it probably due to the fact that when I was a child I use to be a gossip **winks**

Here goes my story, I originally hail from Anambra state, a town called Ekwulobia in Aguata local government area.
But do you all know I that I was born, raised and “buttered” in the ancient city of Benin Kingdom in Edo state? Did you know that my whole life revolved around Benin city??

Facts You Must Know About The Binis
~ They cook the best stews/all kinds of rice in the whole Nigeria
~ They don’t joke with their Monarch ( The Oba Of Benin Kingdom)
~ They do not engage in prolong quarrel, they prefer fight to quarrel instead of disturbing the whole neighbourhood with noise.

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Have you ever wondered why “Mama Put” business thrive very well in Benin city no matter if it’s small scale? This is because the way they prepare their stews or jollof is just out of this world. I remember years back when I went shopping in Oba Market, my customer was complaining how hungry he was, I told him to go get food from a nearby buka owned by an Igbo woman and this were his exact words ” Na only Eba, akpu and semo I fit eat for there, I no fit eat rice for there because dem no sabi cook stew like Bini people and na rice dey hungry me, I no no why Iye Osahon dey delay to pass”. I could not agree less.

This takes me back memory lane to my Secondary school, Saint Maria Goretti Secondary. I could remember how I and my number one friend Obianuju Adanma Odum use to patronise “Mama Put” during break time in school despite the fact that our mums and my dad could pass for international chefs but we could not just resist the urge of that Bini woman stew in our canteen, we will go to canteen to queue to buy rice in white nylon and order goes like this : “Iye give me rice 50naira, tozo 20naira, roundabout 20naira and oil meat 20 naira. Put plenty stew” and you need to see the joy in our eyes as we relished the food sucking it straight from the nylon. They are just the best. I say Kudos to these set of “Mama Put” sellers that made my childhood a memorable one;

~ Iye Ebo Pepper Rice
~ Emovon Rice
~ Iye Nosa Rice
~ Odion And Family Leaf Rice just to mention a few plus my childhood friend that we grew up on the same street almost the same compound. ~Mama Osato rice you guys are the real deal.

The Binis would rather have you say despicable things about their state governor than for you to disrespect the Oba Of Benin Kingdom, dem born you well? I remember one incident in Ekiosa market, an Igbo man who just came to Bini for the first time to serve his master, engaged in an argument, they were talking about how the Oba is revered in the whole Edo state and the Igbo man ignorantly asked ” Who be this una Oba self? Who e be?” Chai, all hell broke loose, immediately they were pandemonium, they were practically dragging the guy to the palace, it took the intervention of the leader of Igbo traders for them to let him go, issuing him serious warning never to talk about their Oba in that manner.

Lastly, the Binis are peaceable to some extent, they do not engage in any sort of quarrel unnecessarily. If they must quarrel it must result to fight. You cannot just engage a Bini person in a quarrel and just enter your house back without fight it is not possible. In all I love the Binis, I love Benin city I love Edo state.

If you are a non Bini indigene planning to visit Benin some day because they have nice tourist attractions, do not be sceptical to patronise any Bini “Mama Put” especially the ones cooking rice and you surely get value for your money, do not disrespect their Monarch in speech or actions and please, please and please if you no get power to fight no quarrel because if you must quarrel you must fight.
Thank you.
Sing along with me again….
Edo, Edo Nimose Oba khato Ikpere Iseeeeeeeeee!!!!

Written by: Abanifi Phoebe Ijeoma

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