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Just Say Yes

You’re seated in a BRT bus going to work, head deeply buried in your phone, scrolling through your Facebook news feed.
“Hi..Good morning,” Said a male baritone voice as he joins you on your seat.

You take a look at the commuter sharing your seat with you.
Jesus! such handsomeness! A fly young man.
His cologne smells good, he is wearing a nice gold wristwatch and a neatly pressed shirt.
Your male seat mate looks like a worker in one of those corporate firms in the city of Lagos.
“Good morning” you reply sharply.
Immediately, you use your phone screen as a mirror just to check your appearance. You can’t even explain why you’re suddenly conscious of your looks.

He breaks the brief silence by reading aloud news captions of an online Newspaper on his phone, glancing at you at intervals to see your reaction. Probably, he’s hoping to get your attention. You think.
Well, he’s too handsome to be ignored. You chip in a few words, using that false tone and pitch reserved for some ‘special’ type of guys.

You don’t do politics but then, you pretend you both share the same interest.
He introduces himself as ‘Jeff’.
“I’m Ronke” you reply.
He seems like a good chat mate; able to spark interesting conversations.
Before you know it, you’ve dived into the conversation about topics ranging from BBN house mates to Buhari’s extended vacation in London.

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Now you find your BRT guy so engaging. And because you already think he has a sense of humour, all you could do is laugh and giggle.
At a point in your head, you pictured you and this fine man walking hand in hand with 3 beautiful kids tagging along.
Hei gawd! Its not like am desperate, Jesus! God! Lord! You wish these thoughts away. But the more you try to erase these thoughts, pictures of you both frolicking on a beach at sunset flood your head.

You’re brought back to reality when your fun chat mate announces that he’s about to alight from the bus. Your heart sinks.
He says he works with one of the new generation banks adjacent to the popular bus stop at Ikeja.
He requests for your digits and user name on social networks.
You’re like, should i give – should I not give.

Well, if you like allow your village people to intervene and miss your man. If you like, go and be forming good girls are not suppose to share their mobile with strangers.
You don’t know what the lord has done for you this blessed morning by sending your Boaz to you.

OK… I’m just joking. But sometimes you need to trust that
you will find something good from the strangest of places.


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