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Shakara Girl – Written by Ann Fina

Better people still dey this world sha…
At the ATM this evening, there was this guy that was trying to start up a conversation with fine geh. I was at the queue pressing phone but my ears were itching to hear what they were saying..
The guy dressed casually while the girl looked classy. Slim fine geh
Dude really wanted to get her attention but the girl kept pressing her phone acting as though nobody was talking to her.

At a point, she had to shut him up… “Can you just shut the fuck up? I’m not interested please “.
Everybody turned their attention to them.
Dude blushed with embarrassment but quickly shrugged it off not minding the laughter.
It got to fine geh’s turn to withdraw…. The ATM machine couldn’t dispense money to her. She kept trying till her card got stuck in the machine.
Fine geh flared up… “How can this be happening? This bank is so useless. This is so annoying. And it’s weekend already. Damn it!”

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When she got tired of ranting, she got the normal,
“Nne, sorry o”
“You will have to come on Monday to recover your card”.
“You shouldn’t have continued inserting your card”
Me I was just there smiling.
She thinks after blowing grammar, her card will be released…. For where? The guy who had been trying to get her attention asked her
how much she wanted to withdraw. Fine geh ignored him as usual.
He asked again…
She gave him this demeaning look and told him.. “It’s just 5k”

So it’s because of ordinary 5k that she had been ranting like this…. I sighed.
Then the shock of my life came..
Dude withdrew his money, counted 5k and handed it to fine geh.
Her eyes grew wide with surprise… “See, my bank mobile app is having issues. I won’t be able to transfer the money back”.
“No, it’s okay. Just have it. It’s weekend and you need to have some cash with you. You don’t have to pay me back”.

Fine geh was obviously embarrassed but had to collect the money from him. Some people who were watching started murmuring.
Dude turned to walk away. Fine geh chased after him.

Fine geh: So what’s your name again?
Him: Nah, it’s not necessary.
Fine geh: (Surprised) Okay, can I have your number so that I could call and thank you properly.
Him: (Laughs) You have thanked me already. I’m good with that.
Fine geh: (Obviously doesn’t want to give up) Okay, what about your facebook username? I can add you up.
Him: Seriously, don’t bother. It’s all good.
He gave her that sly smile, entered his exotic car and drove off.
Fine geh was obviously dumbfounded. The same guy she had been rude to; the same guy she had demeaned perhaps because of his causal dressing.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Me sha I was just wishing that I didn’t go to the bank dressed like a sales girl… Who knows, the dude would have looked my way.

Ann Fina studied Law at the prestigious Ebonyi State University, Abakiliki. She loves to write. She can be reached on facebook via her name – Ann Fina

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