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Ode to Short Girls

Hardly would you find an unattractive, pint-sized girl.
What they lack in height, they make up for it on the face. Women that come to mind are, Meagan Good, Kim Kardashian, Chidinma, Genevieve, etc.

So its no surprise that they possess more beauty than their taller counterparts; the reason why they’re more in demand. (Argue that)
Not saying men don’t have any interest in tall ladies, well…some do. But I know most men would be uncomfortable standing shoulder to shoulder with a tall girl or dwarfed by a taller girl. I guess it has a lot to do with the male ego, and a misconceived notion that tall ladies are arrogant. Lol

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For this reason, most men tend to seek out a portable, cute little thing he can easily wrap himself around. Its more appealing. Its romantic too. That protective feel it brings makes a man feel like a MAN!

Petite girls also have their problems too – You know, the occasional ‘pepper body‘ and ‘body biting‘ because they feel intimidated and do not want to be taken for granted because of their small frame. So they become unnecessarily loud and assertive – which could be a little bit annoying.

Aside from that, short girls rock.

PS: I might write something nice about tall girls too, if they don’t get mad at me for showing short girls some love.

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