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Interview With Fashion Designer Denzel King

His collection of blazers are eye-catching and cool. In the Nigerian fashion designing scene, nobody knows the style tricks to make a man look incredibly put together better than Denzel King. He is the creative force behind ‘Denzel Couture’.

Q| Tell us about Denzel king
A| My name is Obasi Chukwuemeka Henry. A native of Ihechiowa, Arochukwu local government in Abia state. I was born and brought up in Lagos state. I attended Cubic primary school in Ajegunle, and Kabe College Festac Town, Lagos. I acquired most of my fashion skills from my uncle, way back at Aba in Abia state.

Q| Why did you become a fashion designer, and how did you build your clientele?
A| I’ve always had a passion for fashion. My impressive dress sense attracted demand from close friends and family. This eventually made me consider fashion designing as a career. I build my clientele by wearing my brand. Fortunately, this increased the demand for Denzel Couture. Subsequently, Online platforms became a great marketing tool for me.

Q| What distinguishes your brand from other designers?
A| What sets me apart from my colleagues is that, I make great, quality clothing for my clients, irrespective of their financial status, class, environment, etc.

Q| Do you have muses? If you do, please tell us how they inspire your designs.
A| Yes! Mai Atafo. I love his simplicity. His creativity inspires me.

Q| Can you outline the process of getting your wears made?
A| Sketching of designs
Quality fabrics
Major production

Q| Achievements and challenges faced.
A| My most significant achievement is that I’ve successfully carved a niche for myself in the fashion business, and I’ve been able to build my own brand, and get people to believe in locally made clothing. My challenge remains getting people to believe in locally made clothing.

Q| How can one identify an original blazers? What are those important things to look out for?
A| Identifying an original blazers begins with identifying an original fabric. People have different taste in designs, so there’s no wrong blazers – provided the fabrics is right. The things to look out for are: the fabric, stitches and the kind of designs you want.

Q| Advise for those who intend becoming fashion designers.
A| Be yourself, be creative, and be the fashion yourself.

Q| When you’re not at the gym working out, and when you’re not making new blazers, how do you relax?
A| I read books, I watch a lot of television, movies, particularly fashion shows for inspirational purpose. I also surf the web for online fashion spreads and columns – this keeps me abreast of advancements in the fashion world.

Office Address| Plot 10, Road 2, Progress Estate, Baruwa Egbeda, Lagos.
Phone or Whatsapp| +2347064253394

Brand Name| DenzelCouture

Instagram| @denzelking24
Instagram Page| @denzelcouture
Facebook| Denzel King
Facebook Page|

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