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Are You A Classic Man? – Written by Iniobong Leroi Umoh

The classic man is a good man. He is well groomed.
He dresses well, he doesn’t sag his trousers.
The classic man is not a careless talker, he thinks before he speaks.
He listens to the opinion of other people and respects their point of view even though he might not agree with them.

He respects people, he doesn’t look down on anybody.
He treats people fairly. He doesn’t deprive people of their rights.
He doesn’t oppress and subjugate others when he is in a position of authority.

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He loves his family. He provides for them.
He loves and takes good care of his woman.
He doesn’t cheat on his wife.
He doesn’t view women as tools but as partners.

The classic man is firm and resolute.
He sets his eyes on a goal and achieves it no matter how long it takes him.
The classic man keeps to his word, he doesn’t say ‘Yes’ when he means ‘No’, you can take his word to the bank.
The classic man is well read and quite knowledgeable.
He can hold a conversation.
He is not a lazy man, he is industrious.

Are you a classic man?


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