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On Sex Before Marriage – Written by Eze Jude

Yes. I believe it’s very important for young unmarried people to have sex with their boyfriends and girlfriends before finally tying the knot; lots of good safe sex actually. It sucks that we live in a society where sex is treated like a forbidden subject.

A society where most parents don’t even talk about sex or relationships with their kids until they’re adults and must have learned everything the hard way. An extremely religious society on the surface but freaks under the sheets in the dark and below the surface.
That’s us. We try to make it look like good sex isn’t an important factor in building a successful relationship.

One of the leading causes of divorce in our society today is infidelity AKA sexual incompatibility between couples. I’ve seen a man divorce his wife simply because she doesn’t shave her vagina anymore. We have men who cheat on their wives because they gained weight and aren’t so sexually appealing anymore. Women who sleep around with other men because their husbands grew pot bellies and lost their mojo, we’ve got lots of them too. Remember the DNA saga?

These things happen before our eyes everyday yet we still try to act like good sex doesn’t matter at all in relationships. This whole no sex before marriage ideology is some bullshit. It’s really fucking stupid.
It may have worked for previous generations but it won’t work with us.
We have the internet now. Sex is everywhere. One simply cannot ignore it.

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I mean, why would anyone wanna venture into a journey of a lifetime whilst blind folded, deaf and dumb? Literally. Please explore your sexuality while you’re still young, single and free! Discover all your sexual fantasies and G spots then pick someone who satisfies them to spend the rest of your life with.

When you’re setting a standard for your dream husband or wife. Making a list of all the traits, qualities and characteristics you’d like your dream spouse to have; good looking, tall, short, dark skinned, light skinned intelligent, educated, God fearing (LOL), fat pay-check, good cook, a million yards of wife/husband material etcetera… please endeavour to add ‘Good in bed’ to those options and make sure that box is ticked repeatedly with absolute affirmation before you say “I do”.

Let’s avoid stories that touch in the future.

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