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JUNGLE JUSTICE – Written by Matthew Blaise

This poem is focused on jungle justice and how evil it is.
According to the author, in his words, “The poem portrays how most innocent individuals get lynched by angry mobs”. He says, “The present Ikorodu badoo gang situation and lynchings inspired this poem.”
Please do read this short but thought provoking poem written by Matthew Blaise.
He is a lamb
Innocent, blameless,unblemished
Called to wash our sins away
Cleanse our land
Reduce our pains
Without his weary consent.

He was grabbed out of many
walking carelessly in broad day light
He sought to call his sister
To give a last speech
“Mama I will die today
After our years of sufferings
The Day shall not meet us together. “

The burning sulphur got no chill
Angry mobs no joy.
The first son out of three
Only male of three generations
First no male
Second no male
Now a male
Set ablaze
On death’s altar.


2 thoughts on “JUNGLE JUSTICE – Written by Matthew Blaise

  1. Blaise is a brilliant young poet in the making. Been an ardent follower of his works and I’m sure he’ll go places.

    Jungle Justice shows how weak a mob is, and displays a degree of lawlessness not even known to lesser animals.. And if we don’t end it, it may end us all..

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