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The Young Man Who Revived The Reading Culture of Shedam Kids

The best way to live is leaving your footprints on every path you take through life.
In the same vein, Emmanuel Odinaka, a young man sets example for the rest of us on how to give back to the society, selflessly. Bismarks Cave had a chat with him and it was inspiring… he had this to say.

“It’s very true that after you dream, you must wake up, wake up to the challenges of seeing your dream come to fruition. I have worked and walked, goofed and made amendments, cried and smiled, felt daunted and disappointed at intervals, but the hunger and thirst has been to contribute to the development of the younger generation, to build a One Thousand Books Library.

At first I didn’t have any idea of how I wanted to achieve this, it felt like when President John Kennedy announced his ambition to put the first man on the moon by the end of that decade the feeling was same when he said ‘we don’t know how to do this yet but we gonna do it anyway’.
Today I look back and smile because what seemed un-achievable yesterday has been achieved, not by me but by one,”

He went on to mention the team that made the project possible while thanking them for their contributions.

“One: Maria, a chef who from her decent salary bought books to support this course.
One: Pelu Awofeso, who constantly called and suggested meaningful ways to achieve this dream.
One: Dr. Raphael James, who gave me a top notch reception, a tour around the Crimmd photo museum and library followed by a hundred books donation.
One: Anyaduba, who didn’t allow distance become a barrier by sending books from Canada.
One: T.J Benson, who was the architect behind this success story.
One: Saeed Malami, who almost missed his flight just to ensure that he did contribute, his over five hundred books donation made the journey less cumbersome. I say Merci beaucoup to him and the Book Bank team.
One: Kukogho, who I troubled with calls and plenty wahala. His financial and book donation did the magic
One: Basiru, who donated his master piece collection of poem ‘There is a lunatic in every town’ and a whooping twenty thousand Naira..we are speechless
One: Ojo Muyiwa, who donated fifty computer textbooks, I am glad our path crossed. Mucho gracias to you and the PYAfrica crew.
One: Andrew Patience and the Coal team for their donations, you guys made the plateau home for me and others.
One: Alexandra Enwesim, your financial donation brought us thus far.
One: Abdulohiz for his donation.
One: Ioryue Lois a student of University of Abuja for her donation.
One: Amb. Oluebube, for donating her book ‘Freedom’
One: Emily Benson, who never relented in encouraging me. Sweetie you constantly lifted my spirits when I was down, Nagode.
One: Bura, who used his social media handle to publicise this project, Abobby na you try pass.
One: Ikenna, who didn’t stop seeking progress report,i appreciate.
One: Shade, for sharing and believing in this project
One: Dollin Holt, whose huge financial contributions gave our library a sparkling finish,you are a blessing to humanity sir.
One:, permit me to brag about the world’s leading charity outfit. At we are head bent on putting smiles on the faces of the poorest of the poor and of course creating an enabling environment, peaceful Coexistence among people of diverse culture.

I beg to digress from the popular saying that behind every successful man there is a woman but opine that behind every successful venture there are numerous ‘one woman’,
One woman, like Chioma who kept me on my toes, my think tank, my achiever, thank you for giving your all.
One Queen, the real queen herself you are pure gold and I am grateful.
One Nwayi Sunday, my mother who didn’t take to heart my many excuses.

I would have achieved far less if not for all of you, I call you the ‘collective one’ and for complementing my many weaknesses I say asante sana.”

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He concluded with this beautiful statement.

“Often times I shy away from discussing about our dysfunctional educational systems and policies. I would rather contribute my own quota to better the system.
I set out to make books available to kids who can’t afford them, today I have completed a One Thousand Books Library project and still have more to do, we must continue to invest in the younger generation if we hope to attain insurmountable heights tomorrow.”

Emmanuel Odinaka is a graduate of English literature from the prestigious University of Abuja, he did his National Youth Service at Shendam, Plateau State where he carried out the said project.

3 thoughts on “The Young Man Who Revived The Reading Culture of Shedam Kids

  1. What is life if we cannot add value to others?
    Do we say we have lived daily if we cannot register a smile on the face of another because of us?
    How are we able to live beyond ourselves without looking outward?
    Emmanuel Odinaka, this explicit kind act of yours is what is needed to make humanity worthwhile.
    You are a hero and I hope you keep doing good till death do you part. I celebrate you, great one.


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