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An Interview With Photographer Okpaire Innocent

Okpaire Innocent is a photographer with a touch of class. He is best known for street photography shot in different cities in the country, and it goes with the hash tag #KnowYourCity. Each work of his is able to tell a story.
Bismark’s Cave had the opportunity to get this talented photographer for an interview.

Q| Tell us about your background briefly.
A| My name is Okpaire Aikhomu Innocent, A graduate of Philosophy from the University Of Port-harcourt, I am a Street and Events Photographer and a Publicist.

Q| Why did you become a photographer, and how did you build your clientele?
A| Truth be told, i became a photographer just to get through school and “start life” after school. In the process, i met people and am still meeting people.

Q| What distinguishes you from other photographers?

Q| Do you have muses? If you do, please tell us how they inspire your designs.
A| Yea, we are all evolving. Nothing is static so my muse depends on my mood. My photos are inspired by how i feel or how i want you to feel.

Q| Can you outline the process of creating a photograph?
A| It depends on the type of photograph you want to take which also determines the camera, light or lens to use.

Q| Achievements and challenges faced.
A| Well, it depends on what you call achievements, i am a work in progress so i achieve daily. However the challenges are mainly financial and having the right people around me.

Q| What camera do you shoot with?
A| I presently shoot with a Nikon D3100, A Yongnuo 50mm prime lens, A Nikon Dslr 18-50mm lens and a 70-300mm lens.

Q| Advise for those who intend becoming a photographer.
A| I am not there yet, but i will advice anybody who intends picking up the camera to be ready. Once you pick up the camera, it is difficult to let go. It is like a curse, a plague, a positive one of course. So since you know you and the camera might become inseparable, you must have a passion for photography first. And then ensure you constantly improve on yourself and connect with better photographers than yourself.

Q| When you’re not flicking the camera, how do you relax?
A| I dance.

Facebook| Daphilosopher Okpaire
Twitter| @daphilosophersphotography
Phone Number| 08034924263

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