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Manchester City vs Real Madrid Match-Day Experience – Written by Eleanya Ndukwe Jr.

“I was too pissed to notice the aesthetic makeup of the Los Angeles, Coliseum Olympic stadium, and the fact that dad laughed at me every single time Madrid conceded didn’t help much. But that’s on the side though.

It was a beautiful experience getting to watch these stars who have made their mark in their unique area of gifting, seeing them in real time (I desperately wanted to see Toni Kroos, Ronaldo and Sergio Romas – but Toni had a knock the day before and couldn’t play. Ramos has an ear infection and was on the bench. Ronaldo is still on vacation.)

Anyway, it was beautiful. Lots of energy, excitement among fans and even the security personnel.
With every piece of skill, or move or attempt on goal came a thunderous uproar of joy. It was beautiful.

Every football fan should experience live football…always. I’m so looking forward to attending the UEFA Champions League final and World Cup in the future.
I love the rush of excitement and the beauty that comes with knowing that I live once. I have to make it count.
And did I mention that these stars will retire someday?”

Venue| Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
Location| California
Teams| Manchester City VS Real Madrid
Score Line| City 4-1 Real Madrid
Time| 8:30 pm
Date| July 27, 2017

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