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The Neymar World – Written by Olakunle Allison

They say Neymar, the Brazilian footballer, will now earn €515,000 pounds every 7 days and suddenly I am sad! I am not happy. It’s a sad day for humanity. Note that I didn’t say that I’m sad for Neymar, but rather for humanity. And every reasonable member of the human race should be too.

The Neymar saga is now making me question all conventional beliefs about Money, Value and Industry. My conclusion is that it’s either humanity lied to itself all these years or the Neymar world is simply a big mistake which must be condemned. I think the Neymar’s weekly salary is an overkill, an irrational and insane excess, a ridicule on everything sacred and virtuous, a mockery of value and a shame on humanity.

Before you get triggered and call me jealous or ‘dramatic’, here is the picture of the Neymar World. We tell ourselves that money is a reward for solving human problems. Have you heard that before? I’m sure you have. I have heard it like a track on repeat a countless number of times from Motivational Speakers, School Teachers, Parents, Constituted Authorities, Inventors and Innovators who always make a hue and cry about the fact that money always follows good thinking. Some would even pontificate that in order to earn much you’d have to ‘think smart and not work hard’. By this they mean to be creative in solving human problems.

This philosophy has however been proven to be false in the ‘Neymar World’. In the Neymar World, you can make a killing by just knowing how to move a round object skillfully with both legs until you are able to get it into a stationed post on a pitch amidst the cheers and boos of live spectators. What a way to solve human problems. Of course, Neymar is making a killing by solving a myriad of problems, moving the round object otherwise known as ‘ball’ into the ever stationed net. And for that he is paid a staggering €515,000 pounds EVERY 7 DAYS! In US Dollars, that’s $669,912 dollars in ONE WEEK!!

OK. In my depression, I decided to do a little research on how much REAL problem solvers in the REAL world make in 52 Weeks! That’s 1 year. And here’s what Google tells me;
* In UK Full-time Professional Scientists take home an average annual salary of £35,900, with those specialising in computer science or engineering earning the most.
* 30% of them earn over £40,000, while 3 per cent take home more than £80,000.
* In USA, Biologists in one year earned a mean annual wage of $69,430 per annum.
* In USA, Microbiologists in one year made $61,220 on average.
* In USA, Physicists in one year earned the highest average pay of any scientist in the labs, at an average of $138,770.
* Finally, biochemists and biophysicists in one year earned $78,980 per year.

What about those who impact the knowledge with which we solve real problems in the real world? Teachers! Well, for now, the country with the highest paid teachers in the world is Switzerland which pays €41,000 in 52 weeks! That’s $68,000 equivalent. Therefore, if your math is not bad, it means that a man who runs after a gravity-defying object and kicks it into a net to the euphoric cheers of spectators can single-handedly PAY THE SALARIES OF SOME TEACHERS AND SCIENTISTS WITH HIS 7-DAY SALARY!

What Neymar makes in 7 days is an insult to real value. It’s an insult to real enterprise. It’s an insult to innovation and innovative thinking. It’s an insult to scholarship and the entire body of knowledge. It’s an insult to our real heroes. Something has to be done fast if we want to make sense to unborn generations. It’s either we jack-up the weekly incomes of real problem solvers or we cut salaries of footballers to a reasonable minimum in a way that would not insult humanity’s collective sensibilities.

There’s absolutely no rational way we can justify what the likes of Neymar makes in one week. Absolutely None! And I challenge any Ethicist to attempt to do so without running into an ethical crisis.
The Neymar World is the type humanity must discourage if we really care about humanity.


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