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‘Thou Shalt Not Judge’ Fallacy – by Olakunle Allison

One of the most useless and hypocritical arguments I’ve ever heard is the ‘thou-shall-not-judge’ argument often peddled by many religious Christians. Because of this type of argument, a lot of absurdities and
inanities have gone unchecked and normalized with unintended dire consequences in Christianity.

Those who use this argument don’t really care about Scriptures. They just want to shut you up while they do the judging.
The truth about life is that EVERYBODY judges. At some point in time you’d be judging someone. In fact, the Bible doesn’t condemn the act of judging 100%. Any so-called Christian who says it does is misquoting Jesus and yanking His words out of context.

Actually, the Bible tacitly declares its support for judging so much that we have an entire book in it called THE BOOK OF JUDGES – which contains Judges God Himself appointed for Israel!
If judging others is 100% forbidden by Scriptures, then ALL Judges, Magistrates and Arbitrators are hell bound. By virtue of their calling and profession they are going to hell! Then imagine a world without judges. Surely, no one ever gets indicted and punished for moral evil. This is apparently not the case.

So, when Jesus says ‘thou shall not judge’, was He placing a divine ban on all judgments? The simple answer is NO! Scriptures say that the ‘spiritual man’ judges all things and he is judged by no one. The early apostles of Christ judged fellow Christians. Peter judged Ananias and Saphirra. Paul later judged Peter.
The phrase “…and he is judged by no one” does not mean that he is above judgment. Rather, it means that as a ‘spiritual man’ his life, lifestyle and business would be so much in sync with the nature of Christ that it would be hard to find anything to judge.

A ‘spiritual man’ judges himself in secret lest others judge him in the open. The Scripture commands us to judge ourselves so that we would not come under judgment. See 1 Corinthians 11:31.
It is therefore clear throughout the Old and New Testaments that God isn’t against moral judgment by humans. What He is against is condemnation to eternal damnation. That is, no human should condemn another human to hell. No human has such prerogative. Only God does!

Religious hotheads who are swift to tell us not to judge are usually hypocrites who worship sacred cows. They are comfortable judging Corrupt Politicians, Corporate Looters, Yahoo boys, Runs girls and even other Faiths, but the moment you attack their own beliefs and pastors they’d start to parrot the ‘thou-shall-not-judge’ argument.
Such Christians are the reason the rational world doesn’t take Christianity seriously. Too many philosophical and ethical inconsistencies in their lives make Christianity unconvincing.

Have a judgmental week ahead. The world’s sanity might depend on it.

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