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Hippocratic Oath – Written by Iniobong Leroi Umoh

“Doctor please help me! My wife is dying, the nurses have done their best and there’s nothing else they can do!”
“I am sorry I can’t attend to your wife. I am a resident doctor and we are currently on strike!”
“Please, help me!”
“No, I can’t!
“But you swore an oath to save lives, you swore the Hippocratic oath”
“Who Hippocratic oath epp?”
“What? How can you say this? Is this what you were taught in medical school?”
“Tell the government to pay us our money, tell the government to provide the facilities for us to do our work!”
“My wife is dying Dr, help me!”
“I can’t help you sir, even if she is suffering from chronic interstitial cystitis I will not budge an inch”
“You are a monster!”
“I don’t care, I am on strike!”
“You are a killer!”
“I don’t care I am on strike”
“I am disappointed!”
“Tell that to the thousands of doctors who are leaving the country for UK and India on a yearly basis and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from their practice”
“You will pay for this! I assure you”
“Take your wife to a private clinic sir”

***Two days later***

“Who is driving on the road by 1 am? Identify yourself! Hey, stop right there or else we will shoot! Come out of the car and put your hands up!”
“Officers, please take it easy, I am not a criminal!”
“He is an armed robber, where are your gang members?”
“No! Please I am not a robber, I am a medical doctor. I am just driving back from an emergency surgery at my friend’s clinic”
“Liar! Where is your ID? Where is that instrument you hang around your neck?”
“Officer please don’t shoot me. I am not with my Id or any other medical item in my car, but I am a Doctor, I can recite the Hippocratic oath to you as evidence!”
“Who Hippocratic oath epp?”
“Eh? Officer?”
“You are the doctor who refused to attend to my wife two days ago in your hospital, now your life is in my hands. I can dispense of you right here and nobody will know”
“So na the man be dis? Wicked man!”
“Yes na him”
“Oh my God! I am very sorry officer, it wasn’t my fault. I was only following directives from our union…I am not a wicked man, please don’t shoot”
“Say your last prayer before I pull the trigger”
“Please spare my life I beg of you!”
“Close your eyes and wait for the impact of the bullet, it will be over in three seconds”
“Please don’t kill me! I will do anything you ask”

**Police officer cocks gun and pulls the trigger**


Doctor wakes up gasping for breath in his bedroom. The time is 12-midnight prompt. The Hippocratic oath calendar hanging on the wall opposite the bed falls off and lands on the tiled floor.


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