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A Disastrous Meet-Up

You finally got to meet that ‘wonderful’ person you’ve had fun conversations with online.
The highly anticipated meet-up (or date) was supposed to be memorable in a good way, but it turned out to be a disaster.

After the exchange of pleasantries,
“Nice to meet you”
“Nice to meet you too,”
their cheerfulness fizzled out almost immediately.
Prior to the meet-up, you imagined there would be a lot to talk about, bantering, gist and you couldn’t just wait for it to happen.

But here they are finally. The more you tried to be engaging, the person sitting in front of you gave abrupt replies.
They appeared to be unamused with the jokes you struggled to crack. They maintained a straight face.
Their body language kept sending signals of dissatisfaction, as though they’d rather not stay a minute longer in your company.
There were long, awkward periods of silence in between few words, mostly said by you.
They made little eye contacts with you, as they were deeply engrossed in their phone and giddy with excitement while replying WhatsApp messages – as if their phone deserved better attention than you, the one they were supposed to be crazily excited about.

You felt uneasy all through. You wondered why they appeared to be uninterested in you.
What could be the problem? Your appearance? Your face? Your big nose? Did I fall short of their expectations? You thought.
On your part, you came dressed in the best thing you could find. You even got a clean hair cut and made sure to have your pants and shirt neatly pressed. Nothing seemed to be wrong with you, at least nothing that you could think of.

At the end of the disastrous meet-up, you tried to relish the moment with nice remarks.
But they barely cracked a smile. Just a brief goodbye said, and they quickly hopped onto the next oncoming bike, as though leaving was a mighty relieve.

Please, if you agree to go on a date, hang out, meet-up or whatever it is, courtesy demands you make it worthwhile – at least attempt to.
No matter how underwhelmed you feel, be mature. Don’t throw your disgust in their face. It is rude, immature and condescending.

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