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How We Got Stripped of Our Cultural Identity – by Eze Drizzy Jude

I’ve been watching Bollywood movies since I was a toddler and I’ve never seen any scene where a western preacher walks into a village, goes to a Hindu temple, confronts the Hindu priests, battles the Hindu gods, wins, burns down the temple and converts the entire village to Christianity.
I’ve been watching Chinese movies too since like forever and I’ve never witnessed a scene like that.
But 80% of our Nollywood movies with plots set during the colonial era and even modern times have scripts like this; scenes of African gods being defeated by the white man’s god.

Does it mean that the white man’s god is powerless against Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Buddha, Allah and all the Asian gods?
Is it only when matched against the black man’s gods that the white man’s juju is on top form?
Let me tell you something:
Religion is nothing but a war of cultural identity and superiority.
And Africa lost.

The Indians and the Chinese held their gates.
They rejected every aspect of colonialism that sought to tarnish and belittle their cultural heritage. That’s why they stand proud today.
That’s why you’ll never find such scenes in their movies.
That’s why you and I will never see anything wrong with a samurai, ninjas, kong fu, tai chi, yoga and all the things we see in movies from the lands of the rising sun.
Heck, Most of us wanted to be ninjas after watching Five Elements of Ninja and American Ninja, as kids.
The fact that ninjas are historically soulless blood thirsty assassins used by Japanese emperors to inflict fear and death on rebellious provinces didn’t even matter. We all loved them regardless.
But the very sight of a dibia in a Nollywood movie would send negative signals to our brains.

Why do we always portray our cultural heritage in a negative light?
Yes, they were crude and barbaric; evil even.
But which ancient culture wasn’t?
Even the bible and Quran cultures you hold so dearly are no exceptions.
It’s funny how a lot of Africans still believe the white man gave them Christianity to save their souls and bring them salvation. I laugh in 400 years of black slavery and subjugation.

Given how the white man treated our ancestors, like animals, how on earth are you people able to convince yourselves that they gave a fuck about the black man’s soul.
We were animals without souls to them! Don’t you see that you’re still slaves?

It’s 2017, the white man’s world is working on innovative ideas. But Nigerian Facebook is lit with arguments of church tithes and offerings.
Is this how we’re going to be great?
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.
“Slavery never left Africa. They just removed the chains from our bodies and bound our minds with them”.

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